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In Russia, sharply declined interest in the history of the great Patriotic war
Проект: On the national idea

The increased interest in the history of the great Patriotic war began to show less than half of Russians, estimated by the Levada center. An increasing number of respondents are generally indifferent to Russian history. Experts attribute this to "aggressive" Patriotic discourse.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 13 to 19 March 2017

Than armed the Crimea after reunification with Russia; Russia, China and the United States develop laser weapons; testing of "flying radar" A-100 will begin in July; the DPRK announced the testing of a new rocket engine; Russia enters into Abkhazia additional anti-aircraft missile systems s-300; the United States will spend more on defense; radar "Sky" entered service with the troops in the Volga region; the new anti-aircraft missile systems "tor-M2U" entered service; Regardie began the first ever Department sudden check of combat readiness; Roscosmos has announced an open set of astronauts for the first missions to the moon. About these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week with a 13.03 at 19. 03. 2017.

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Putin's love for gold bullion
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Fears of currency wars and the devaluation of the dollar pushed to buy gold, primarily, the country East of Europe. These States do not want to have in their reserves only bonds and foreign currency, therefore increasing the share of gold. In this regard, in recent years, the market is more active Russia.

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Archives: the King showed himself indecisive ruler
Проект: On the national idea

He believed in autocracy, but softened the harsh repressive measures of his father. Convened by the Hague conference. Japanese war was the beginning of his troubles. The Empress is suspected of Pro-German leanings.

16-03-2017 admin 338 0

The Russians strangled loans
Проект: On the national idea

Arrears of Russians to banks continues to grow, primarily due to falling costs of the mortgage. Some interest-only loans last year paid 1.8 trillion rubles., estimated by experts of the Gaidar Institute. It is not surprising that the contribution of the credit market, including mortgages, in the Russian economy were negative.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 06 to 12 March 2017

"Nuclear trains" Russia go; the new MiG-35 will be able to use laser weapons; the source said about the testing of new torpedo "Case" for the Navy; CIA allow you to crack the protection of WhatsApp, Telegram and Wiebo – WikiLeaks; India requires Russia to transfer technology of the fifth generation fighter; the stockpiles of tactical nuclear weapons of Russia are superior to the Arsenal of the United States; HQs will receive 16 new aircraft su-34; in 2017 in the engineering troops of Russia will receive the latest diving equipment; in the SRF continues the conversion to the new system of protection; two frigates with new anti-aircraft missile and artillery system will receive the Russian Navy until 2021; to "Dalzavod" repaired BDK "Oslabya"; nuclear submarines "Antaeus" will receive a missile complex "Caliber"; formed the crew of the first icebreaker of the Northern fleet "Ilya Muromets". About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week 06.03 12. 03. 2017.

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Russia, Turkey and the concept of A2/AD in the Black sea

Chinese bubbles interdiction of access/blocking zone in the South China sea have become a real headache for the US and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region. And to the North of Russia creates its own "bubble" of A2/AD against Japan on the disputed Kuril Islands. Meanwhile, at the other end of Eurasia in the Russian Kaliningrad region was a district of the interdiction of access/blocking zones that threaten the position of NATO in Eastern Europe.

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Spring begins with the shocks...
Проект: On the national idea

The beginning of spring of this year was marked in Russia by mass psychosis: the clouds of intimidation of parents preparing for several months, at last have burst in a thunder and lightnings – on March 10 across all country there has passed mailing of messages from certain "well-wishers" about preparing mass (it was specified in the message - to 5000 people) a suicide of teenagers from "groups of death".

11-03-2017 Grinyaev Sergey 900 0

John.Friedman: a New world war is inevitable, get ready

The founder of the analytical company Stratfor, George Friedman predicted a new world war. And the reason for it - a defective system of world politics between States. Now Russia is growing, becoming a powerful Empire. Therefore the United States go by the wayside and are no longer a world leader. This is what will serve as the basis for the new world war.

08-03-2017 admin 855 0

S. M. nebrenchin, "the Battle of the sun"
Проект: On the national idea

The trilogy of "War under the sun" based on earlier works mation of the author: "At war with love" (the magazine "soldiers of Russia", 2000), "Tested extensively tested by the war" (published by "Combat brotherhood", 2007), "arch: the way of the scout" (publishing house "Grain", 2010), which had previously been published with significant editorial cuts and semantic exceptions.

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