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Shot in the back. Who fought in the rear of the red army liberated Europe from fascism?

On 27 February on the official site of Rosarkhiv, the hosted collection of documents "the Polish armed underground "helped" the red army to defeat Nazi Germany." 61 of 70 document will be released for the first time. The publication is devoted to the first of March, when Poland celebrates the Day of remembrance of the "Cursed soldiers".

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For Putin, this would be the best way out of zugzwang
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

If the first Minsk agreements were carried out allegedly under the auspices of Ambassador Zurabov, the "Minsk-2" presented as a personal achievement and "Peremoha" of President Putin. Therefore, the current Minsk agreement will be executed by the militia at least until the moment when the fourth mobilization in Ukraine will allow Kiev to resume hostilities in the Donbass. About April in the ranks of the APU will be not less than 200 thousand soldiers and officers. In addition, significantly increasing the number of nationalist forces under the leadership of Yarosh. Recently, 17 battalions of the Ukrainian armed forces came under his banners.

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Day of military glory-Day of defeat Soviet troops fascist troops in the battle of Stalingrad on 2 February 1943
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The battle of Stalingrad consisted of two periods. The first defensive period of the Stalingrad strategic defensive operation (17 July - 18 November 1942). The operation was conducted by troops of Stalingrad (the don), South-East (Stalingrad) fronts with the assistance of the Volga military flotilla and a corps of the Stalingrad area air defense (PVO). During the fighting the Soviet troops advanced, entered the office of the South-Eastern front, the five divisions of combined arms armies and two control tank armies, 56 divisions and 33 brigades. The procedure lasts 125 days. The width of the front of the fighting – 250-520 km Depth of the withdrawal of Soviet troops – 150 km.

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There is no reason for the world. Hostilities in Donbass will continue
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

The resumption by Kiev of the hostilities in the Donbas can lead to unpredictable political consequences in case if the Armed forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics will be able to succeed. Loss of Mariupol and Debaltsevo, and the output forces of Novorossiya to the administrative borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, threatens to bring about a decline of the current Kyiv authorities.

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Walecki Oleg `the Russian diary of the Serbian volunteer: 1993-1999 G. G.`
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

In Canada released an expanded and enlarged edition by Oleg Beleckogo "the white Wolves (Serbian diary of a Russian volunteer)".

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Martirosyan A. B. "on June 22. Detailed anatomy of betrayal"

Readers are invited fundamental reconnaissance and historical investigation of the true causes of the bloody tragedy of June 22, 1941, prepared by the famous historian, the author of over two dozen books on the history of the USSR 30-50-s GT. last century, a member of the Union of writers of Russia Arsen Martirosyan.

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Will NATO war with Russia?

The current Ukraine situation is just the calm before a terrible storm. And the truce and promises of Kiev on heating and electricity for Donbass – it's a fake mask of the killer preparing to strike a fatal blow. This mask only need to fool world public opinion.

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Afghanistan in the geopolitical dimension of security of Eurasia

The paper examines questions about the role of Afghanistan's security issues in the Middle East and Central Asia. Reveal the geopolitical and strategic interests of leading countries such as USA and China, as well as regional leaders in the Middle East, such as India, Pakistan and Iran. Analyzes the political and military situation in Afghanistan at the moment 2014, the impact of processes in the field of ensuring security and stability in the country on the CIS and the Russian Federation as a whole.

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The South Ossetian-Georgian conflict: causes and consequences

The collapse of the Soviet Union – a complex multinational system with many unresolved inter-ethnic problems that had been artificially maintained in the quiescent state from the centre for decades, has inevitably led to the development of these conflicts in the new environment. Throughout the former Soviet Union is a degenerated into open confrontation and clashes between representatives of different ethnic groups, defending their economic, political, cultural and other rights and interests. An example of this are the Georgian - South Ossetian conflict 1991-1992, the Georgian – Abkhaz conflict of 1992-1993, the Transnistrian conflict, the Moldovan-Gagauz conflict and so on.

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Modern conflicts: their nature, driving forces and mechanisms
Проект: New in the military

This essay consists of 4 parts, in which the author intends to consider the geopolitical importance of the Middle East, to give a brief presentation on the occurrence, causes and nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, to identify the main driving forces and mechanisms of the conflict and to assess the role of Russia in this conflict and to analyze its geopolitical interests in the region.

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