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Quantitative analysis of US military strategy in Afghanistan under the Obama administration

The modern system of international relations is characterized by considerable dynamism. The consequence of this state of the international environment is a high likelihood of armed conflicts in various parts of the world.

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International Commission: "the Boeing 777" could shoot down the Ukrainian fighter
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Dutch Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke, who heads the Commission for investigation of the crash Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines in Ukraine on July 17, made soobseniem that to determine the exact cause of the crash experts are not enough data. According to Westerbeke, it is not certain that the investigators have all the available data.

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Experts after six months of fighting in Ukraine: it is unlikely that this will end soon

The armed conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine, which began six months ago, yet promises to end soon: and so although active hostilities are not expected, the sluggish clashes can last for years, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts.

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The first lessons of war in Ukraine

That showed the fighting on the territory of former Ukraine, about the first results of bloody battles, the weapons used in an interview to the editor "" Yury Kitten told the head of the Center for strategic assessments and forecasts of the military expert Sergey Grinyaev.

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Timely fire

A bad peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, interrupted periodically by short skirmishes, this time tried to undermine seriously: on the night of 31 July to 1 August on the border of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan resumed fighting with heavy weapons. Both sides bear the loss. The development of this conflict may be the most serious test for Russian policy in the region.

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Century First world

Early in the morning on July 28, 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Thus began the First world war destroyed four great empires of the Old world. The first months of the conflict showed a quick victory, no one will, and the level of cruelty is amazing.

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The use of ballistic missiles as a sign of the escalating conflict in Ukraine

The use of the armed forces of Ukraine operational-tactical missile complexes "Tochka-U" in the fighting in Donbas means a translation of the conflict into a new stage: Ukraine uses the most powerful available in its Arsenal of weapons. The effectiveness of their use is in question: the combat readiness of missile units is estimated extremely low.

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"Bosnian diary" Igor G.
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

Volunteers from Russia are fighting in Yugoslavia. Is the volunteers, not "soldiers of fortune". They were not mercenaries in Bosnia, where in arms fought on the side of the Serbs. The current war, which, apparently, is only beginning, only gaining strength, this war cannot be comprehended in isolation from the bloody conflict of the mid 90-ies. Witness the "Bosnian diary" Igor G.

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How to win the war

Along with the Ukrainian hearth kindling chaotic world war, the United States continues to support armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq, to destabilize the situation in the middle East, prepare an invasion of the Taliban and Islamic militants in Central Asia, to design the color revolutions in Russia and other countries of Eurasian integration, and organize coups in out-of-control countries in Latin America.

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Sergei Glazyev: "the Job from the USA for the Ukrainian neo-Nazis — world war II"
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

"Ukraine de facto does not exist, — said Sergei Glazyev. Before our eyes unfolds another World war. The aggression of Pro-Western punishers in the Southeast primarily directed against Russia.

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