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Special briefing of the Russian defense Ministry on the crash of flight MH17 in the sky of Ukraine

In connection with the crash of July 17 passenger plane "Boeing-777" airline "Malaysian airlines", follow the international air route Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur, in recent years, a large amount of conflicting information. Therefore, the Russian defense Ministry considers necessary to submit available to the General staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, data of objective control.

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What "sad" Shooters

Some genuinely don't understand why for some time, Shooters in addition to reports of fighting, quite systematically utters quite pessimistic things. In fact, here the reasons are quite transparent.

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The Balkan pattern

The issue of ownership of anti-aircraft rocket, got in Malaysian Boeing, could be discussed ad infinitum — at any of the proposed versions have their obvious advantages and disadvantages. Understanding who might be behind the incident, can come during the analysis of the consequences of the tragedy, and the demise of the passenger liner in the combat zone will inevitably benefit one and harm the other side of the conflict. Based on this logic, the conclusion is obvious — if ill-fated "Boeing" did not exist, Kiev and take care of his U.S. would have to invent him. Because the incident like a provocation, similar to those that have already taken place in the Balkans during the wars that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia.

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The catastrophe of the Malaysian airliner over the Donbass: the monstrous lie, the more readily believe it

On 17 July over the territory of Ukraine crashed airliner Boeing-777 airline "Malaysian airlines" that was performing a regular flight on the route Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) at an altitude of 10100 meters and about 16.20 disappeared from the radar screens of the Dnipropetrovsk area control center. The incident occurred near the town of Torez, Donetsk region (to the Russian border over 50 miles), and the wreckage of the plane that, according to eyewitnesses, collapsed in the air, fell at once in several settlements.

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The British talked about military aviation of the future
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

British company BAE Systems talked about some of the technologies that can be used in military aviation 2040-ies. We are talking about the possibility of three-dimensional printing unmanned aircraft on Board the aircraft, the healing of the aerodynamic surfaces and high power lasers. The development of these technical solutions is already underway, however, at what stage are the projects, is still unknown. If these technologies really are established they will significantly advance several existing projects advanced combat aircraft, some of which are implemented in the interests of the Pentagon.

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A comprehensive analysis of the fighting near Saur-Grave

The fighting around the Donetsk ridge. Events preceding the beginning of the fighting. Starting point of the development of hostilities in the South of the DNI and LC was a coordinated attack on the militia of these republics to the objects of the State Border service of Ukraine. The beginning of this offensive was launched on 2 June 2014, when the militia LNR took the first attack on the location of management of Lugansk boundary group and mobile frontier post "Lugansk" (which is essentially a special forces unit).

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On the preparation of Donetsk in the defense

After the arrival of the brigade Strelkova in Donetsk, the situation in the Donbass is undergoing a strategic change. In LNR now after the saturation of military orders militia vehicles and artillery (although it sorely lacking), the militia not only confidently give resistance to the junta, but in some areas even try to go on the offensive.Unexpected breakthrough to the Donetsk and not only foiled the plans of liquidation in Slavyansk the main forces of the militia (to which prepared both in Kiev and in Donetsk), but also messed things up for those who were preparing to surrender Donetsk to the junta, which seriously did not plan to storm the city.

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Sergei Glazyev: "Strongly, firmly and accurately"

An interview with academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences S. Y. Glaziev analyst and publicist A. Nagorny ("TOMORROW")

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The deployment of troops and delivery of new Russia

As mentioned in a popular article about the"cunning plan of Putin", history of Russian policy towards Ukraine if something is characterized by, first and foremost, the terms inconsistency and pragmatism. Attempts to deny this reached ridiculous like the excuses of the reasons for the defeat of Russia in 2004, that allegedly to the "orange revolution" there is no consistent foreign policy towards Ukraine was not conducted. This desire to shield the mistakes of his superiors, stupidity even more than ignorance, for not understanding the reasons for previous failures, it is extremely difficult to count on success in the future, so that such propagandists rather have a "General line" a disservice to the spirit of the propagandists of the late Brezhnev period, more fluctuations along with the party line, even if the understanding of the party line, not as such.

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Daniel Estulin: the Bilderberg group worried nuclear war with Russia

Recently in Copenhagen (Denmark) completed another Bilderberg meeting behind closed doors. It is known that one of the main topics of this meeting was the crisis in Ukraine and not very successful sanctions, initiated by President Obama.

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