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Arzumanyan R. V., Akopyan A. A. "Irregular conflicts. The Middle East"
Проект: New in the military

In the work on the basis of monitoring and evaluation information media formed image of the main terrorist groups fighting today in Syria and Iraq against government forces.

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What are you waiting for? Ukraine: many "buts" and no answer
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

In today's reports from Slavyansk again information about casualties among the civilian population. Killed five-year-old girl...

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Alexander Zhilin: Why is no military intervention of Russia?

The level of analytical discussions in Runet perfectly described the political scientist Simon Uralov: "to Consider that the Ukrainian crisis set off the mind and turned into bloodthirsty hysterical men only Kiev colleagues - is fundamentally wrong. Among the Moscow colleagues there are also an incredible amount."

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The commander of the battalion "East": Kiev found that the region lost
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The head of the security Service DND Alexander Khodakovsky, former commander of the Donetsk detachment "alpha" of the SBU, today is the most senior security official, defected to the side of the Donetsk national Republic. In early may he began to form a battalion "East" — the official armed forces of the DNI, it is the most efficient division.

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Organization and tactics of ground forces when enemy air strikes
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

It is obvious that in conditions of large-scale use of adversary systems cluster and homing weapons in combat may participate (as a whole), the parts with the maximum number of all armored vehicles, 500 units. On the basis of experience. World war II and the teachings of this amount is the maximum that can move on the ground in a single battle in two or three echelons. No coincidence that in recent wars, mainly, there are battalions and tactical groups established on their basis. The battalions have the maximum amount of military equipment, allowing such use, even though armored and mechanized infantry platoons (5 and 4 vehicles respectively) are quite noticeable purpose. Given the fact that these tactical formations the proportion of tanks would be only one fourth or one fifth of the total number of armored vehicles, battalion tactical groups are the only effective combat units for future combat operations.

27-05-2014 Valetskiy Oleg 5538 0

What don't like to remember in Vilnius

In the past, any people will be found such events and dates, remember that you do not want. In Russia, for example, never liked to write about our defeats in the Russo-Japanese war 1904 – 1905 years. Especially many such unloved pages in Lithuania's history.

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Feat of the soldier, immortalized in bronze
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

65 years ago, on 8 may 1949 in Berlin's Treptow Park was inaugurated the memorial complex, created in 1947 – 1949 by the architect Yakov Belopolsky and sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich. A Grand memorial has immortalized the feat of soldiers and officers of the red Army who died in the last days of world war II while liberating the capital of Germany from the Nazi evil.

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Financial war

When diplomacy failed, wars have usually been inevitable, being a continuation of politics by other means. Today, when methods of persuasion don't work, big powers as the first measures to turn economic battles. Sanctions take place between the disordered condemnations and air strikes. They are difficult to organize, and the consequences from them are not always clear and understandable. They can hurt innocent people and legitimate operating companies. The Russian takeover of Crimea and threats against Eastern Ukraine is subjected to the effectiveness of sanctions to the next test.

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Putin leads in Ukraine hybrid war
Проект: New in the military

Putin leads in Ukraine hybrid war, says major General retired Frank van Kappen, a member of the upper house of the Parliament of the Netherlands. In the past General van Kappen also worked as a security adviser to the UN and NATO. What is Putin's hybrid war and how far willing to go West in response, the General said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

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What war is Russia?
Проект: New in the military

Russia at war with Ukraine, but it qualified her actions difficult. Although the situation is on the verge of actual combat, in hot military stage it is not yet outgrown. However, it is impossible to ignore an informational war, which can be regarded as a preparation for the present war, and as an independent form of aggression.

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