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Turkey crossed a war side

Turkey actually began war, involved in which in the short term can be also Russia.

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"We here any more not strangers"
Проект: On the national idea

As Siberia met women and children evacuated from besieged Leningrad.

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Great chessboard: as Russia will win world hybrid war
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Who will enter the conflict by the last, has most of all chances to become new world predominant force. It to you not a giveaway chess, children, but geopolitics.

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The contours of the new generation of war
Проект: New in the military

Last seventy years the mankind lives without the big war that is natural result of World wars and formation of new international system. The possession constrains the nuclear weapon world powers from conducting operations of strategic scale, promotes development of other receptions and ways of armed struggle, struggle accepts new forms. It would Seem, absence of global confrontations shortly should lead to degeneration of wars in classical understanding, but whether the world from it becomes more safe - it is not known. On the contrary, events of last years show that today we observe not "extinction" of wars, and their evolution, change of intrinsic filling and display forms. In other words, there is a fundamental change of character of wars: socially - political and military - strategic characteristics.

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Islamic state as a factor in the geopolitical transformation of the Middle East in the modern period

The paper discusses issues related to the emergence of a new military-political actor in the Middle East - a terrorist organization "Islamic State". Presented in detail the stages of development groups, describes the main milestones of its activities. Disclosed interests and role in the Syrian crisis of the leading countries of the world, such as Russia and the US, as well as regional countries (Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia). We analyze the military-political situation in the Middle East at the moment 2015, the impact of developments in the security of the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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Good weather for a new war. As climate changes affect the armed conflict
Проект: Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

Almost every week, scientists, politicians and journalists have reported new alarming news about global warming: the next two years will be by the hottest in the history of mankind, and the average temperature almost reached the dangerous threshold. Whether these trends is fraught with deadly clashes in the future - for land, food and water? Is it true that global climate change may lead to global instability and an increase in international conflicts as threatening US Secretary of State John Kerry? "To" I attempted to sort out this issue.

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The geopolitical situation in Central Asia in the context of water conflict

Despite having strong links and common historical past at the post-Soviet countries in the region, immediately after the collapse of the USSR, and in some cases even with the existence of the Union, there has been a number of pockets of potential conflicts. One such problem areas became Central Asia.

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Does Ukraine have a future?
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Prominent Russian geopolitics LG Ivashov right in his assertion that there is a conflict between the past and the future of mankind. The absence of ideology plays a key role. Without ideology begins to control the future of human history. All this is the reason for conflict among peoples, nations, religions, etc.

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The philosophy of war in the context of the Ukrainian crisis
Проект: New in the military

The article attempts to look at the Ukrainian crisis from the point of view of the philosophy of war. Invited to respond to a specific questions: what is the reason for war in Donbas, who is needed in that, and what consequences it has for the cultural space of the Russian world.

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Syria and autumn: a soldier of fortune puts all the places

In the autumn of 2015, Syria actually entered the fourth year of the war, which began as a result of the "Arab Spring", generously paid for by various international financial funds through the "humanitarian" and "human rights" organizations and propiarenny thousands of journalists and news agencies. Soldier of Fortune, writer and publicist Oleg Valetsky helped Federal news agency to understand how and why Syria now looks the way it looks.

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