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Ali Khamenei has launched an operation "Successor"

Iran's Supreme leader suggested that the country's new leader.

18-03-2019 Pankratenko Igor N. 220 0

Vectors of development of military strategy
Проект: New in the military

Chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed Forces army General Valery Gerasimov spoke at a General meeting of the Academy of military Sciences.

07-03-2019 admin 403 0

Coercive force of the United States. Abstract a review of the RAND report

Becoming the sole superpower, the United States could more or less use military force to protect its interests, imposing their wishes and even eliminate their opponents. Recently, however, a painful and discouraging experience results after the September 11 attacks forced many Americans do not only regret, but also afraid to go to war to solve problems abroad. In parallel, the improvement of defensive military capabilities of potential enemies begin to undermine the effectiveness of offensive forces, despite the military superiority of the United States.

18-02-2019 admin 968 0

Geopolitical Symphony. Libretto analysis and forecast

Remark of the author. The premiere of this musical works is best to entrust the provincial Philharmonic, chosen appropriately. According to the author, the audience in the course of execution of works involuntarily become the participants and the diversity of their positions should reflect the entire spectrum of Russia's political views. Thus, the number of viewers are thought of liberals with the baskets of popcorn in his hands. They are opposed by conservatives, zaposlena seeds and defiantly spitting out a husk in bags of printouts from the "Echo of Moscow". The presence among the spectators of the members of the parliamentary parties is highly desirable, members of the parliamentary parties and other political associations, at the discretion of the Governor-General. May be the appearance on the scene of Baba Glasha (Baba Nura) in a blue robe with a MOP in his hands. Thin lips and a scornful look – required.

09-10-2018 admin 456 0

Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week 17 to 23 September 2018

The collapse of the Il-20; Russia is modernizing its "divine" weapons; the US Army is ordered to violate the laws of physics engine; the latest diesel-electric submarine "Kronstadt" project 677 launched in St. Petersburg; radar "Container" will cover Europe; Amur Association TSB received a communication technology of new generation; in the southern military district received 450 pieces of new weapons and technology; the division of the REB field army ZVO got the latest weapons in the complex "Borisoglebsk-2"; thirty tanks T-72B3 will go into service of the CVO in 2019; compounds of the strategic missile forces receive counter-sabotage machine "Typhoon-M" for the protection of missile complex "YARS"; the third battalions of s-400 "Triumph" was replaced on the safety of Russian airspace in the Crimea. About these and other events, monitoring the media for week 17. 09. 23. 09. 2018.

23-09-2018 admin 812 0

Almost all "of the planet-oceans" must be habitable, astronomers say
Проект: Sea policy

Most of the "planet-oceans", composed almost entirely of water, should remain habitable for a very long time, about a billion years, what was previously impossible. To such conclusion scientists, who published an article in the Astrophysical Journal.

04-09-2018 Gornova Anna M. 1029 0

If we create life in a lab, how do we treat it?
Проект: New in Science

What is life? Throughout the greater part of the 20th century this question was not were of great concern to biologists. Life is a term for poets, not scientists, believed synthetic biologist Andrew Ellington in 2008, who began his career with the study of how life began. Despite the words of Ellington, related research of the origin of life and astrobiology renewed focus on the value of life. To recognize another form that life could take four billion years ago, or form that she could take on other planets, scientists need to understand what essentially makes something alive.

27-08-2018 admin 578 0

Sputnik and Pogrom - Henry Kissinger pushes trump to rapprochement with Russia to counter China
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Former U.S. Secretary of state was advised by one of the presidents to use China for isolation of the Soviet Union. Now he advises to do the opposite and listen to his opinion at all levels of government.

10-08-2018 admin 744 0

To catch up and overtake China to make America great again
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

In the US joy: America was overtaken by China as part of supercomputers. Until this week the fastest and most powerful was the Chinese "tai light", and now — American Summit. Last ready to fulfill tasks on the part of energy research, as well as in the area of national security and other spheres.

11-07-2018 admin 715 0

The military power of the Turkish Republic: Imperial past and the geopolitical ambitions of modernity

The Middle East Institute with the support of his leadership published a two-volume specialists in Oriental Professor of the Military University of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor Ganieva Tahir Aliev and candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor of Zadonsk, Sergei Mikhailovich "Military power of the Turkish Republic".

17-04-2018 Grinyaev Sergey 2518 0

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