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Separate strategic characteristics of hybrid threats
Проект: New in the military

Recently, despite the lack of large-scale world wars, we can observe their evolution, change of character and forms of manifestation: socially – political and strategic characteristics. In this regard the phenomenon of hybrid threats about which it is quite a lot told both in domestic, and in foreign military thought is represented very actual. Moreover, hybrid ways of war more and more get into separate regulations of NATO, defining this phenomenon as part of the military doctrine of the block.

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Kissinger's meeting with Putin and probability of concessions
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Visit of the legendary American diplomat Henry Kissinger to Moscow and his warm meeting with Putin couldn't remain unnoticed.

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Cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia becomes hot

Iran accused Saudi Arabia of airstrikes on the Iranian Embassy in the capital of Yemen to Sana'a therefore some people suffered. Human rights activists add that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia dropped cluster bombs on residential quarters of Yemen. Experts believe that Russia in this conflict shouldn't try on on itself the peacekeeper's toga.

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Summit results in Riyadh: public anti-Iranian opportunities of saudit were insignificant

The urgent meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Council of cooperation of the states of the Persian Gulf ended yesterday, in fact, with zero result for the Saudi dynasty. No, certainly, other monarchs expressed to the Kingdom the full moral support of its anti-Iranian policy, angrily condemned "subversive activities of Iran", scarified "intervention of Tehran in internal affairs of Saudi Arabia" in particular, and in the region in general.

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Whether war between Saudi Arabia and Iran is possible?

The reason not of so religious character though both parties use interfaith hostility as means of recruitment are the cornerstone of this fight.

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Baku will take the pro-Azerbaijani position in the conflict of Tehran and Riyadh

Speaking about what part will be taken by Azerbaijan in the irano-Saudi opposition, it is important to consider that Iran, Turkey and Russia, in fact, his partners, so, the answer is unambiguous here – Azerbaijani. Only the weighed and pragmatic approach can provide to Baku the maximum advantages from close connection with these countries.

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Information war enters a new phase

At hearings in Senate Committee on foreign affairs of the Congress of the USA the deputy assistant to the Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Benjamin Ziff declared on November 4 that the budget in Russia and Eastern Europe will be increased by support of civil society and mass media with 66 to 83 million dollars. It is provided by the budgetary inquiry of the U.S. President Barack Obama.

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Why "Strategy 2020" was replaced with "Strategy"

On the eve of New year the Russian President approved as the Decree "Strategy of national security". The correspondent of "KP" read the document and compared - that in seven years changed in policy of Russia.

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Putin approved the updated strategy of national security of Russia

The president of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree as which approved the updated strategy of national security of the Russian Federation. It is supposed that Russia has to fix the status of one of the leading world powers.

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China is building the first military base abroad
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

China seems to be slowly changing military doctrine. As befits a superpower in the traditional sense of the word, Beijing, formerly prefer "soft power", ie economic, financial and cultural infiltration into other countries in recent years have increasingly recalls the military expansion.

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