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Analyst: Russian encouraged to go to a real fight against terrorism

Speaking at the UN General Assembly, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin has called for an international anti-terrorist coalition and to go to the fight against terrorism from its imitation.

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Army Kiev regime in the summer campaign of 2015
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Summer campaign in full swing. It's been almost three months of continuous small and medium collision, which provides insights into the strategic challenges faced by the parties, and tactical methods of achieving them. But first, let's look at how changed the combat capabilities of the parties.

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Complete contact. Ukrainian Front ceased to depend on the talks in Minsk
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

August 26 in Minsk hosted a regular meeting of the contact group in Ukraine: considering the parameters of the front in the Donbass, the parties well in advance not hide the fact that the meeting of negotiators can be considered literally prewar. Despite the fact that negotiations continued until the afternoon of the next day, the parties were able to agree only minor reciprocal concessions. One of these was the agreement on the gradual cease-fire to the Day of knowledge and the exchange of data on education at the contact line. Other important agreements - such as the withdrawal of heavy weapons caliber of less than 100 millimeters or cut filament shelling - the parties have not concluded. "To" this fact does not surprise me.

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Migration of peoples 2.0: Who will benefit from the influx of migrants to the European Union?
Проект: Present and future of Europe

Old World feeling the unprecedented demographic pressure from Muslim countries, separated by the Civil War.

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The defeat of the Kwantung Army - the sample genuine blitzkrieg
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Soviet armies, quickly having broken defence of the opponent on border, it is unceasing were torn forward. To the middle of August, 1945 they have promoted in depth of Manchuria from 100 to 500 kilometres. Armies had to overcome the big complexities. Rear services have lagged behind. Faults with supply of armies, especially with fuel have begun. Command has mobilised for delivery of fuel and ammunition to tank connections which further all have escaped forward, aircraft. Only pilots of 51st and 21st transport aviation divisions of 12th air army of Transbaikalian front have made for accomplishment of this task of 1755 self-summers-departures and delivered to 6th Guards tank army of 2072 tons of fuel of 186 tons of ammunition. Transport connections of 9th air army of 1st Far East front and pilots of 10th air army of 2nd Far East front also delivered fuel and ammunition to armies.

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The hybrid war. About the origins of the concept
Проект: New in the military

Recently the commander of U.S. forces in Europe Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that Russia in a few years will be capable of simultaneously three operations without additional mobilization.

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How to cook a pot: strategy, tactics and the reasons for failure UAF
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

"How to cook a pot: Strategy, Tactics and causes of failures UAF. The military conflict in the Donbas brings to our memory hammered at the genetic level place names and terms of the Great Patriotic War. Never before has our generation has not turned out so close to the events, familiar only from books and films of the postwar time.

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The army and a complex future. Trends of development of the armed forces of the United States
Проект: New in the military

Important interview of Lieutenant General G. Mac Master in one of the leading intellectual centers of American military thought - the Center for strategic and international studies, is the fact that the focus and main point of application of intellectual efforts of the army today is shifting from information domain to the cognitive. American military experts are trying to improve the cycles of decision making at all levels, to solve the problem of increasing the cohesion of units and so on. The overall conclusion - it looks like Network and domain information war already learned, brought to doctrines and statutes, now taken to the development of more subtle domains.

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Arzumanyan Rachya "The strategy of irregular war: Theory and Practice"
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Consideration of experience of armed forces of the USA and of some the West European countries allows to estimate the basic problems which the military organisation of the state and system NB faces as a whole at carrying out of such military operations. They, in particular, appear are connected with necessity of reconsideration of a role of religious and military-political relations, and also theoretical and strategic problems концептуализации calls of national safety. Irreguljarnye military operations demonstrate importance of connection of military sphere with other elements of national power, оркестрирования all tools of national power for achievement of strategic targets of the nation. The book is addressed cadets and students, scientific and expert community, the civil servants, taking up the problems of war and national safety. In the monography the basic lines and characteristics иррегулярных military operations (иррегулярных wars) in the environment of safety of the XXI-st century, and also the theory and concepts иррегулярных military operations in the modern military doctrine of the USA are stated.

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Military review: developments in the field of defence and security in the media

In Ukraine appeared the Secretariat on cooperation with NATO, Kiev the possibility of creating a military cemetery 250 thousand graves, Poland intends to build its own missile defence system, the U.S. troops will remain in Poland, "Shells" in the Crimea during the month was hit by several Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, USA Estonia will allocate $25 million to expand the airbase in Amari, "dangerous" incidents between Russia and NATO, the U.S. Navy has conducted tests of laser weapons, the American sixth generation fighter will be hypersonic, the resumption of production of "rocket trains" rail-mobile missile system is not far off, tank "Armata" will provide the missile with unexpected characteristics, Iran plans to increase military spending by 32.5%, India will produce on its territory Mi-17 and Ka-226T, in the USA develop a fundamentally new means of space attack, multi-purpose nuclear submarine "Kazan" will be transferred to the fleet until 2017, SSBN "Vladimir Monomakh" transferred to the Russian Navy, the Russian army will soon receive equivalents of the American THAAD and GMD.

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