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The future is coming this year: the phenomena and terms that will be included in our lives
Проект: New in Science

Have you ever thought about the fact that mail can be delivered mini-helicopters or drones? And the fact that the car will be able to carry passengers without driver intervention? In 2014 in the minds of men to fixate these and other phenomena of scientific and technological progress and enrich the dictionary with new terms, which previously could seem a figment of science fiction, according to information-analytical portal

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The Think Tank Index: a Rating of the expert-analytical centers of the world 2013
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Program "Expert-analytical centers and civil society" (The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program) University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) presented a Rating of the expert-analytical centers of the world 2013 (The Think Tank Index 2013), based on international survey of worldwide experts, who assessed the work of these organizations. Fully ratings for the Think Tank Index 2013 presented in the Annex (see PDF file).

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Experts: Internet of things requires administration and coordination on many levels
Проект: Future of the Information Society

On the eve of the world economic forum in Davos was the start of the work of the Global Commission on Internet governance. The Commission will be headed by the foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt. This two-year initiative's goal is reportedly to "to develop a position in relation to the future of the multilateral Internet governance".

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The causes of global threat: the scientific discoveries or the policy of double standards?

On serious threats to humanity posed by scientific and technological innovation, recently stated more and on different levels. Representatives of different professions analyze important aspects of this issue. In world famous publications in this regard, analytical materials are published. Against this background the conclusion about the need to think of global threats awaiting the world. But it seems that the problem is not as simple as it in some cases represent. For some reason the true causes are hidden.

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Gamification of the entire country. What tasks and what decides the philosophy of video games
Проект: Future of the Information Society

People who play MMORPG, spend your time on absolutely not material things. For real money, they buy artifacts, devoid of value beyond the specific virtual world. And they invest in these games a lot of free time. The philosophy of the games is a young discipline that tries to understand why gamers behave this way, what will attract people to video games — and that is, ultimately, all about. "" met with one of the few specialists in the theory of video games in Russia Alexander Witoshynsky.

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The singularity is near again
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Futurist Raymond Kurzweil: in ten years we will live in virtual reality and led conversations with artificial intelligence.

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The modern economy depends on several dozen rare metals
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

More than half a century ago, the global economy depended from about a dozen different materials. The most important things were made of wood, clay, iron, copper, gold, silver and several varieties of plastic.

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Scientific and technical achievements 2013
Проект: New in Science

Despite the fact that to sum up the year early, we invite you to look back and admire the projects and inventions that have attracted attention in 2013.

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Revolution in the field of synthetic biology: prospects and risks
Проект: New in Science

In may 2010, the richest and most powerful man in the world of biotechnology showed the world another new creation. John Craig Venter together with experts from the company owned by him started with DNA and constructed a sequence of genetic nucleotides, the volume of which exceeds one million bits of information.

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The speed of technology is growing exponentially
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Landline phone won the hearts and homes of consumers for nearly 100 years, mobile was done over five years, smartphones - even faster. This is due to STD and trade: for the first time in the history of mankind technology has become part of our lives with a truly cosmic speed.

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