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No signs of life
Проект: New in Science

Are there any among the two thousand planets already discovered outside our Solar system on which life exists? How unique is the Earth? How to measure the weight of the milky way, "the couch"? How goes the search for gravitational waves and when they finally are found? These and many other things read in the current review of the astronomical working papers on "the".

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Imitation innovation: Russia lags behind even developing countries
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

In Russia a significant part of innovations are imitative, and the level of innovation and development, our country continues to lag behind not only from developed but also developing countries, these transformations in the status of the global periphery.

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The European Union starts implementation of the project "Human Brain Project"
Проект: New in Science

Just the other day in Switzerland was held the meeting of representatives of 135 scientific institutions and organizations, which are participants of the project the Human Brain Project. This meeting was the first step of beginning to implement a 10-year global project, the results of which will give people into the hands of deep understanding of all structural features of the human brain and how it works.

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Big data: How they change our view of the world
Проект: New in Science

Everyone knows that the Internet has changed the work of enterprises, government bodies and people's lives. However, another, not so obvious, the trend of technology is equally radical changes. This use of "big data": from a huge array you can gain knowledge, not available when using only small portions.

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The all-seeing eye
Проект: Future of the Information Society

On September 27 the most famous Internet search engine has celebrated its anniversary – this year, Google turned 15 years old. Born as a modest research project of two students of Stanford University, over half a decade Google has become one of the most valuable brands in the world, and the interests of the company long ago moved beyond the search service.

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Society, power and intelligence. A collection of articles and reports
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

The collection includes articles and materials of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation for problems of national security and socio-economic living conditions of military personnel, their families and veterans.

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Now where "Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin"?
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

A detachment of the expedition ships provide missile tests, participated in the mission control of manned spacecraft and space stations, controlled starts far spacecraft to the planets of the Solar system.

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Immortal with patched heart: biophysicist K. Agladze about the people of the future
Проект: New in Science

One of the leading world biophysicists Professor of MIPT Konstantin Agladze returned home after many years of work in the United States and Japan. Three years ago he received a grant, and now he has his own laboratory in the Institute, which is engaged in tissue engineering of the heart. K. Agladze sure that in the near future people will be able to live virtually forever. The Professor told RBC correspondent Cyril Sirotkin and Alexandra Fedotova about immortality, patches on the heart and Japanese taxi drivers.

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Heck out electronic snuff
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

In the USSR believed that without national electronic industry, the country's defense capability is a fiction.

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The energy potential of thorium fuel cycle
Проект: New in Science

Thorium has great potential as a future energy source. Its reserves on the planet exceed the known reserves of uranium, which means that he's capable of in the next millennia to consistently provide energy to a growing world population.

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