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Military lessons of the Donbass from the point of view of Americans
Проект: New in the military

Western military analysts, regardless of political developments and the international situation, closely watching as the fighting in the Donbass from a technical point of view: what are the weapons used, tactics used, what can we learn from the units of the LC and the DNI, that can oppose them and what we can learn from the lessons of what is happening

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America vs Russia: when hypersonic weapons will change warfare?

In preceding articles we have considered the possibility of the whole complex of existing strategic nuclear weapons, including Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarines with ballistic missiles (SLBM) and strategic bombers. We also evaluated the capabilities of existing and promising missile defense systems of Russia and the USA. But there is another promising technology that could influence future strategic balance of forces. This hypersonic weapons. In fact, it is any weapons that reach speeds of more than M=5 (M=1 — the speed of sound, which in air at low altitude and at a temperature of 20°C is equal to 1 234 km/h). Work in this area are actively engaged in both the U.S. and Russia; furthermore, developments in this area carried out in China.

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The media learned on additional delivery of Russian rocket engines in the United States

In the next month vendor rocket engine RD-180 NPO "Energomash" — a must visit, the delegation of the American company United Launch Alliance (ULA): the United States wants to purchase five Russian engines for launch vehicles Atlas V

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Afghan strategy trump: Pakistan ready for the aggravation

The U.S. government has set conditions for the transfer of financial aid to Pakistan to $225 million On this "Voice of America" said a senior officials of the us administration. Condition provide financial support will be effective in fighting the Pakistani side with the terrorist sanctuaries on its territory, which prevent the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Islamabad shows a sharp rejection of a new strategy announced by US President Donald trump.

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Putin's Russia is back in Afghanistan: the next checkmate America

The recent history of Afghanistan cannot be understood without knowing about the decision of the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan and support of the Mujahideen by America. In the ten-year war from 1979 to 1989, the Soviet Union demonstrated the shortcomings of the red Army and probably the end of an era, while the United States and its allies with the support of the guerrilla forces opened a new Chapter in its relations with the Islamic world and Asia. Coming from Afghanistan, the Russians didn't want to interfere in the Affairs of this country. To internal problems after the Soviet collapse over time, was added the fear to repeat a new catastrophic war, the lack of interest, as well as Western intervention against the Taliban (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and the beginning of a very long war, in which Afghanistan still remains a territory of endless conflict, which continue to claim new victims.

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Putin saved Assad. Would he save Maduro?

In the summer of 2012, Russia began to use its Navy for supplies of weapons and military equipment to Syria, bypassing all Western attempts to block this deadly using due to ban on its transportation by vessels of the merchant fleet. Syria for many years is the Russian customer, buying from Moscow a large part of the necessary weapons. She allowed the Russian Navy to use a small item based in Tartus and Russian intelligence officers working together with the Syrians in Damascus and other places.

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After 16 years of war, Afghanistan remains the world's largest supplier of heroin

Monday, August 21, the US President, Donald trump has announced a number of significant changes in U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, but the longest war in U.S. history impossible to win without a fight against narco-terrorism. After 16 years of war, which were spent billions of dollars, the share of Afghanistan still account for 75% of the world's supply of heroin, and in this region still recorded the highest concentration of terrorist groups. Moreover, Afghanistan is one of the main thoroughfares on which the world's largest groups of drug traffickers have a direct support for Islamist terrorism. While the US can not cope with this problem, trump will not be able to fulfill his promise to win.

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The Afghan trap: trump is trying to save face

For 16 years the US-led war in Afghanistan. The military operation spent billions of taxpayer dollars, but the Pentagon has not completed the task. The Taliban not only destroyed, but, on the contrary, has strengthened and now controls about 40% of Afghanistan's territory.

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New industrial revolution goes unnoticed
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Looking back to a century ago can be seen as a changing rapidly world. Half a century back, a century here and here already passed the first industrial revolution! And then the second. But for contemporaries it all happened slowly, several generations, and estimate the turning point was not easy. Perhaps in a few decades someone will adequately point to the next industrial revolution, which took place in the twentieth or twenty-first century.

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"Dragon of the sea": the Development of China's Navy, anxieties and opposition to the United States

In the United States reconsider the foundations of security policy. Washington has determined that a new period of international relations, which is determined by the reopening of competition between the great powers. "Grand strategy" the United States in the struggle for world hegemony requires no assumptions of the appearance on the Eurasian continent of a great power, which will be able to challenge the Americans. Currently, the main adversary of the US in Eurasia in Washington announced China. The current North Korean escalation is clearly directed against China for its security.

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