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Serbian expert: Europe and the United States today is protecting NATO, and Russia
Проект: Present and future of Europe

NATO plans to transfer military in a regime of enhanced combat readiness amid rising tensions with Russia, write media. The Serbian expert Dragan Trifkovic on radio Sputnik expressed the opinion that the Alliance is unable to cope with their tasks.

07-11-2016 Trifkovič Dragana 1746 0

Eurabia: the integration of migrants into the European community?
Проект: Present and future of Europe

Currently Europe is experiencing a serious migration crisis.

01-11-2016 admin 122406 0

A British exit from the European Union as a factor of geopolitical transformation of the United Europe
Проект: Present and future of Europe

United Kingdom (full name – United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland) is an island country in Western Europe, established on 1 January 1801. The country's name comes from the English Great Britain. Britain – the ethnonym of the tribe of the Britons. Motto: "Dieu et mon droit" "(Gods my right)", the national anthem: "God Save the Queen/King".

29-10-2016 admin 37784 0

Zhurkin, V. V. "Military policy of the European Union"

The book deals with fifteen-year history of the military dimension of the activities of the European Union Common security policy and defence. Analyzes the formation and development of the European security strategy, structures, planning and management, modernization potential, the successes and difficulties of military operations and civilian missions of the EU.

27-10-2016 admin 4217 0

"Everything was rethought much later": 60 years ago began the Hungarian uprising
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

60 years ago, on 23 October 1956, the uprising began in Budapest. Everything that happened in the subsequent two weeks have shown the world the resolve of the Soviet Union by any means to maintain Communist regimes in the Warsaw Pact countries. RT restored the course of events of those days and got acquainted with the eyewitnesses.

24-10-2016 admin 1763 0

NATO is on its last legs

"The enemy" in the face of Russia to NATO generals are only a means to justify their own existence and solid funding, the authors of the report "NATO: capabilities and intentions" published this week. The Alliance was formed in 1949 as a guarantor of security of Western European countries and a counterweight to the military power of the Soviet Union and, in good, had to self-destruct after the collapse of the Soviet Union and "Warsaw Pact", they suggest. Instead, the organization more than 20 years, he led an unsuccessful search for a new meaning of his existence, and not finding him, returned to previous guidelines and appointed a Russian successor to the Soviet Union and the main global aggressor.

30-09-2016 Grinyaev Sergey 2281 0

The high cost of aviation are pushing the arms race in the air
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Russia and China are trying to challenge Western superiority in the air, creating a stealth aircraft of the new generation.

29-09-2016 admin 1929 0

As the US listening to Europe and Russia: the details of top-secret NSA database

Secret spy base the NSA specializiruetsya on the interception of telephone conversations and other communications Europe, Russia and the Middle East, and also participated in the "lethal missions" from the territory in the UK.

12-09-2016 admin 2053 0

Iran will move "Turkish stream"

Iran wants Turkey to supply gas to Europe. The Islamic Republic is a direct competitor to Russia on the market of both the EU and Turkey, which Moscow has resumed talks on Turkish stream". Ankara uses Tehran as a bargaining chip in negotiations with "Gazprom" — the threat of a potential supply may force the Russian company to give the Turks a discount.

14-08-2016 admin 1825 0

Viral terrorism: vaccinations, there is treatment
Проект: Present and future of Europe

No intelligence service will not protect Europe from deadly attacks, if it does not abandon political correctness.

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Возрастное ограничение