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Experience of ice swimming to future generations
Проект: Sea policy

Russia has more than thousand-year experience of ice navigation. This practice has no country in the world. The main task of the nation at the moment - save the process of transferring experience of ice navigation to new generations and to raise the Russian practice of navigation in ice to a new level. The project "Marine policy" publishes excerpts from the book ice captain, and scientist Emil Mikhailovich Shotzberger of "Ice road of the Arctic. The tactics of navigation in ice". The lectures of Emil Mikhailovich was educated current captains, pilot on the ice courses Makarovka. The book illustrates the possibilities of further developing the Northern sea route, designed for skippers and ship-owners having interest in the conduct of Affairs in the Arctic region, as well as for a wide circle of readers.

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Siberia is gradually buried in sand due to the melting permafrost
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

The Arctic ocean blowing cold wind. Through the haze of the clouds the sun Peeps, about ten degrees Celsius. In North-Eastern Siberia — the middle of summer.

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Roman Vilfand: meteorologists learned to predict phenomena, unknown to science 10 years ago
Проект: Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

New methods of research the weather and modern technical equipment allows meteorologists to predict weather events, which 10 years ago was not known to science. This was announced on Tuesday, the Director of the fsbi "hydrometeorological centre of Russia" Roman Vilfand at a meeting of the International expert Council on cooperation in the Arctic in St. Petersburg.

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Moscow — in the forefront in the race for the treasures of the Arctic
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Through the work done in ice thickness of half a meter hole two small submersible sank to a depth of 4200 meters, keeping in touch with the North pole, and with the help of a mechanical manipulator installed a Russian flag made of titanium. It was August 2, 2007.

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Underwater robots from CKB "Rubin" will find and extract hydrocarbons in the Arctic
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Arctic shelf development is one of the main challenges facing the Russian economy in the coming decades. Unfortunately, it is complicated by the international ban on the supply of appropriate equipment. But it's for the best, because now the Russian engineers will develop and manufacture the necessary equipment on their own, and it will be even better than their foreign counterparts. 31 August 2017 at a government meeting Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev presented optimistic the state program "Socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation for the period till 2025".

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In Russia build Arctic robots for production of hydrocarbons
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Their development included in the draft state program on development of the Arctic zone.

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Sailing through the ice: 85 years ago was built through the Northern sea route
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Expedition of Otto Schmidt in 1932, losing in the ice screw was able to go from Arkhangelsk to the Pacific ocean in a single navigation and formulated the main approaches to the development of this route.

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Lukin Y. "multi-dimensional space of the Arctic"
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Presents the author's vision of multifaceted, multidimensional Arctic. Model of the Arctic region of the global society of the Earth consists of seven major dimensions: geographical natural objects and discoveries; the Arctic biota, environmental protection; administrative territorial structure of the eight Arctic States; the Arctic society; geocultural space; Economics of the Arctic region; the geopolitics of Arctic trends and strategies in international relations.

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Floating nuclear power plant will supply energy of the Russian drilling rigs in the Arctic
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Drilling in the Arctic ocean are becoming more attractive as the melting of ice, and Russia intends to use nuclear energy to ensure the operation of ports, coastal infrastructure, and oil and gas production.

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Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Was published the third issue of the journal "Arctic review". The room devoted to the ecological problems of the Arctic.

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