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As easily counterfeited gold...
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

Real or fake? Lead tiles with imitation gold coating (top left and right) look like pirated copies near real ingots (cylindrical and flat) and a fake with a coating of real gold (centre)

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Syria - the center of the gas war in the middle East
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The militia of the media against Syria, and military action against it directly associated with the global scramble for energy, as evidenced in our published article, Professor Imad, Swabi.

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The vanishing gold
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

During the cold war, Germany moved a large portion of its gold to new York in case of attack by the Soviet Union. It was assumed that in America it will be safer and, of course, Germany can get it back.

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The Aral number two
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

China has transformed Kazakhstan into the wilderness. Lake Balkhash in the next few decades will repeat the fate of the Aral sea, Irtysh river will turn into a chain of swamps and stagnant waters, the inhabitants of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Semey (Semipalatinsk) will be left without drinking water, and the Alatau glaciers will melt and wash away Alma-ATA.

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Iranian gas, which can “blow up” Asia

Last year the world's media is almost unanimously predicting a "major war" in the middle East, the epicentre of which is "inevitably" going to be Iran, spreading only in the timing of exactly when the U.S. or its allies to launch military strikes on "defiant" Iran. I agree with the journalists in one – North Africa, middle East and Central Asia, not without the assistance of the U.S. today seriously heated from Libya and Egypt to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

14-11-2012 admin 2889 0

German gold and the US
Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

According to British media reports, Germany's Central Bank – the Bundesbank – has decided to return from the USA, UK and France 150 tons of gold that was transferred by the Germans for storage in these countries at the peak of the cold war.

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The gas ring is compressed
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

International gas Renaissance, which began thanks to the shale gas revolution in the United States, and prohibitively high prices of oil could bypass Russia party. If it will retain its dominance in the European market, the Asian pie swallow will not be able.

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The integral indicator of quality and formalization of the procedure of the synthesis of the armament programme
Проект: New in the military

In the present report discusses the main tasks assigned to the weapons Programme, and possible ways of their decision ordering directorates of the Ministry of defence in various economic conditions.

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Polar war
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

World superpowers are not able to divide the North pole, where under the influence of global warming, rapid melting of glaciers. Mobilization of China in the polar regions where there are no owned territory, and is about 20% of the world reserves of oil and natural gas, are the concern of the United States, Russia and other countries of Europe. Especially the major investments and developments are pursued in Greenland.

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