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Military lessons of the Donbass from the point of view of Americans
Проект: New in the military

Western military analysts, regardless of political developments and the international situation, closely watching as the fighting in the Donbass from a technical point of view: what are the weapons used, tactics used, what can we learn from the units of the LC and the DNI, that can oppose them and what we can learn from the lessons of what is happening

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The fight for hill 1154 under Bdama, Syria: video
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

This is a short video of the battle units of the volunteer detachment "Sokur Preserve" for the height of 1154 in the village Bdama, which occurred on 9 March 2016.

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Future war: infantry squad of the XXI century
Проект: New in the military

Recently published on the website War on the Rocks article by Jules Hirst (Hurst Jules) "An Infantry Squad for the 21st Century" (Infantry squad of the XXI century) — insightful look at the main points of the prospective development Department. The centre of the learning and improving of combat skills in Fort Benning infantry squad calls "the Foundation of the decisive force" and the smallest maneuverable unit on the battlefield. But in the world of the intangible is more important than another. Marine is located in the centre of the battlefield, and all the weapons built around him (her) to force the enemy to obey our will.

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Separate strategic characteristics of hybrid threats
Проект: New in the military

Recently, despite the lack of large-scale world wars, we can observe their evolution, change of character and forms of manifestation: socially – political and strategic characteristics. In this regard the phenomenon of hybrid threats about which it is quite a lot told both in domestic, and in foreign military thought is represented very actual. Moreover, hybrid ways of war more and more get into separate regulations of NATO, defining this phenomenon as part of the military doctrine of the block.

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Military Review. Events in the field of defense and security in the mirror of the media. Media Monitoring for the week from 12 to 18 October 2015

For struggle against YOKES in Syria the Russian military base will be created; Britain will request of China the help in bombings in Syria; brigade RHBZ will pass to new cars RHM-6 per 2016; to troops VVO there has arrived equipment of "the soldier of the future»; nine complexes REB "Moscow-1" will arrive in troops till the end of the year; the first party of tanks has arrived in troops Т-72Б3; multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8MtV5 have arrived on arms; two new planes Silt-76MD-90A will arrive in VTA dock of the end of the year; in artillery subdivisions VDV the newest arms arrive; "Ural Carriage-Building Plant" will create a network battle robotankov on the basis of Т-90; "the Arctic" printer for military men have developed in Russia; in Ukraine the new line on release of ammunition for small arms will be launched; Iran has demonstrated underground rocket base on depth of 500 metres;« Admiral Grigorovich »has started passage of state tests; the USA will not increase number of the troops in Europe, but will conduct the first practical test of system of the ABM; the USA intend to put to Saudi Arabia nine helicopters «Black Hock». About these and other events in monitoring of mass-media for a week from October, 12 till October, 18th, 2015.

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Air Force special forces. Some Israeli Air Force raids
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Among shock operations of battle aircraft a little independently there are two known spot-checks of the Air Forces of Israel on objects of the nuclear industry of Iraq and Syria, carried out accordingly on June, 7th, 1981 and on September, 6th, 2007 These spot-checks were conducted out of any military campaigns, have been directed on concrete individual object, have been realised in one battle departure of small group of fighters, and, as a matter of fact, represented actions which before occurrence of such possibilities should carry out subversive groups. But the work similar carried out Israeli pilots, subversive groups hardly could carry out with the same efficiency, and in it one more uniqueness and exclusiveness of the modern Air Forces if they are up to the mark developments in armed forces of this or that country consists.

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Complete contact. Ukrainian Front ceased to depend on the talks in Minsk
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

August 26 in Minsk hosted a regular meeting of the contact group in Ukraine: considering the parameters of the front in the Donbass, the parties well in advance not hide the fact that the meeting of negotiators can be considered literally prewar. Despite the fact that negotiations continued until the afternoon of the next day, the parties were able to agree only minor reciprocal concessions. One of these was the agreement on the gradual cease-fire to the Day of knowledge and the exchange of data on education at the contact line. Other important agreements - such as the withdrawal of heavy weapons caliber of less than 100 millimeters or cut filament shelling - the parties have not concluded. "To" this fact does not surprise me.

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The list of sources in English on the theory and history of the partisan movement and combat
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

The list of sources in English on the theory and history of the partisan movement.

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Overview of the special section gubcheka about the origin and development of the rebel movement headed by Antonov
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Getting to the reasons, time, area of occurrence and actions of the insurgency, I consider it necessary to make a reservation that material to the preparation of the review are, in addition to documentary evidence, the statements of individuals and of Soviet workers, and transcripts of interviews of suspects and persons accused of complicity with a gang of persons as well as witnesses and eyewitnesses. If you use all this stuff to that was critical, taking only the most authentic and proven.In 1917, in the period of Kerensky, the bourgeois city of Kirsanov in Tambov lips.

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I. G. Starinov `Belotinska mines and traps and fight with them`
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

In the barrier system, installed belorusskimi gangs, mining is one of the most important elements. The Finns used anti-tank mines, various booby traps and land mines. The most effective Finns believed anti-tank mines; the use of different traps was intended mainly "to bring the enemy into confusion and instilling in him a sense of uncertainty" (the Manual on the fences, 1931).

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