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Current trends in the field of information security and information warfare

Today, Russian and foreign experts note that most modern means of information security are not sufficiently effective in the fight against the special software and mathematical influences. Moreover today there is practically no theoretical Foundation, means and methods of countermeasures against information attack.

22-05-2000 Grinyaev Sergey 3279 0

Modern society and problems of information-psychological security
Проект: Future of the Information Society

The modern stage of society development is characterized by increasing role of information in all spheres of life and human activity. Finally many realized that today the ability to collect and analyze information was more important to make the right decisions, than having a lot of physical strength.

21-03-2001 Grinyaev Sergey 3619 0

Information weapons and international security in the XXI century

The modern stage of society development is characterized by an increasing role of information technology in all spheres of life and human activity. Information - new resource, the only product not decreasing, but growing with time. The more faster and quality information is embedded, the higher the standard of living of the people, economic, cultural and defense potential of the country. Transformation world space: along with the geographic space is formed, in particular space information.

26-01-2001 Grinyaev Sergey 4484 0

The issue of psychotronic weapons and psychotronic war
Проект: New in the military

In connection with numerous manifestations of abnormal, unusual for classical psychology, about or of psychic phenomena and clairvoyance, psychic, telekinesis, phenomenal memory and a fantastic numeracy (experiments of this work, Cooney, Gorin) and other mysterious properties of the psyche, a new direction of scientific research and engineering support (creation of technical means of recording, measuring, and acting on the brain), called PARAPSYCHOLOGY.

09-10-2011 admin 5156 0

The results of a special operation in Odesa: have a moral right to object...
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Not had time to die down last turn and the breaks in the storming of the building in Odessa, where the militants had taken refuge, as the Internet has exploded with estimates, opinions and comments on this issue. Soon the discussion was joined by our politicians and experts "filename". The more I read and listened to some of them, the more surprised the crap they were trying to convey to society. Own twenty-five years experience of service and personal involvement in events similar to the recent Odessa events provide a moral right to share their own opinions about what happened.

06-10-2011 Имя Фамилия 2408 0

Negative aspects of the information revolution of the twentieth century
Проект: New in Science

The rapid development of information technology has brought mankind many unprecedented opportunities for rapid generation of global information, its processing and immediate solutions for user problems. In the service of Informatization of the society consist of a transcontinental communications system and television, satellite navigation, high-speed computers, etc., etc. - and these are only the first fruits of the rapidly expanding information revolution.

04-10-2011 admin 4786 0

S. N. Bukharin, V. V. Tsyganov "Methods and technologies of information wars"

Outlines methods and techniques of information warfare, based on their theory and methodology, and practical application. Based on the study the objectives of information warfare designed the procedure of situational analysis and algorithms of definition of strategies of information warfare (including provocation). Developed procedures for planning information operations, decision-making algorithms in information warfare and approaches to the management of information confrontation.

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Zasursky Y. N. "The technique of misinformation and deception"

In the monograph on the big actual material discusses the techniques and methods of manipulating public opinion with the help of the bourgeois media and propaganda. The book critically assimilated bourgeois theorists developed the concept of stereotypes in public opinion, the technique of disinformation and falsification through illustrations, TV spots, using the sensation, innuendo and half-truths, and manipulating statistical information. The authors analyze methods of argumentation, the semantics of bourgeois propaganda, the sophistication of the deception of the masses through fascist technique of the "big lie" and modern means of ideological sabotage.

04-10-2011 admin 3661 0

System intrusion detection and incident response-based mobile software agents

Beginning in September 1997 at the U.S. National Institute of standards and technology (NIST), together with a number of firms, with the financial support of the national security Agency is implementing a project designed to assess the prospects of using the technology of mobile monitoring agents to ensure the security of computer systems.

17-09-2005 Grinyaev Sergey 3733 0

Evolutionary programtechnical and its application to information security
Проект: New in Science

At the present stage of development of society, many of the traditional resources of human progress lose its original meaning. Along with this process is becoming more important information. Information becomes the main resource of scientific, technical and socio-economic development of the global community. One can speak of a new stage in the development of the social formation - information society.

08-09-2005 Grinyaev Sergey 2634 0

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