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Theory of conflicts and actual conflicts of the late XX – early XXI centuries. The new version

Some time ago on our site published the first version of this work. But time goes on and the author understands that the required changes, revision and extensive interpretation of certain events. Interesting work demands continue - so it turns out the new, expanded and updated version.

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The relationship between war, politics and Economics. The foundations of the war economy

The relationship between war and Economics refers to the fundamental linkages between science. The course and outcome of war, victory, defeat States are determined by various factors, among which the crucial economic factor. The state economy has a decisive influence on the course of social progress and determines its development, as much as not influenced by political and other factors. The study of this relationship has important methodological significance for the answer, first of all, to the questions: "where are the sources of war?" "is it possible to eliminate war from human society?" etc.

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About the impact of promising developments in the field of high technologies on the state of information security of the Russian Federation

Analysis and evaluation of available information in the field of development of information technologies and production technologies of modern microprocessors and computing technology in General, leads to the conclusion that in the next three to five years are potentially significant, largely revolutionary leap in technology development of several leading countries of the world due to the breakthrough in improving the performance of computing resources, as well as fundamental changes in the field of software engineering.

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On the structural (topological) organization of armed forces
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

In recent years, in the opinion of most Russian experts, one of the most promising directions of development of systems of state and military administration is to move from classical hierarchical topology, where the dominant role belongs to the decision maker, to a network structure where decisions are taken on fundamentally different foundations – the foundations of the consensus or "public opinion" about the situation.

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About cyber security

Held in November this year in Lisbon summit NATO adopted a new Strategic concept of the Alliance, in the 12th paragraph of which read: "cyber Attacks can reach the line, which is endangering the national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity, security and stability. Such attacks can stand foreign armed forces and intelligence services, organized crime, terrorist and extremist groups".

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Prokofiev V. F. "a Secret weapon of the information war: attack on subconsciousness"

The end of XX - beginning of XXI centuries are characterized by the emergence of information warfare - a new type of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of weapons and manpower, and due to the different influences on the living force, leading her in an incapacitated state. This phenomenon has several explanations.

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The emergence of psychophysical weapons
Проект: New in the military

In accordance with the selected analytical model research information image PF-weapons with the aim of identifying characteristics (assumptions) of its formation expert-analytical assessment of data (events) in different areas directly or indirectly related to the creation of modern weapons. The search schema of the prerequisites shown in the figure, and the assessment results are summarized as follows.

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Interstate conflict in the modern world: trends and prospects
Проект: New in the military

The modern world is experiencing fundamental and dynamic changes that profoundly affect the interests of the Russian Federation. The past century was marked by outstanding scientific and technical discoveries, significant-governmental achievements in the economy, advances in education and health, brilliant achievements in art, expansion of participation of citizens in management of state and local Affairs on the basis of democratic principles. At the same time ended a century entered the history of the tragedies of the two world wars.

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The risks and threats to information security of Russia

The new Millennium came amid rapid development of information technology. This is due to the intensification of the development of telecommunications-gravitational means, computer networks, communications, and other processes. The information component plays an increasingly important role in all spheres of life of human civilization. Use of information as a resource in turn leads to sharp growth of requirements to formation of information policy of the state and its component of information security.

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On the evaluation of foreign experts of the threat of terrorist acts in the information sphere

According to some foreign experts, the situation in the field of protection of national interests in the information sphere became much more complicated after the terrorist attacks in USA on 11 September 2001 and to date continues to deteriorate. A number of experts stressed that, despite the massive resources at the disposal of the governments of the several States, the Executive and the legislature do not create the image of a coherent information policy that casts doubt on what they actually spend.

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