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American experts believe that the armed forces post-Soviet States its own traditions to prevent building the New world order

One of the significant problems of the American administration is the question of finding an approach to external management of such national-territorial units that received U.S. diplomacy in the name of "weak States" or "failed States".

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Theory of conflicts and actual conflicts of the late XX – early XXI centuries

It will be interesting to compare this theory with other existing divisions of the world now and with the political realities of today. First of all, it recalls the traditional division of "North – South", industrialized - developing countries. But at the forefront of the economic contradiction is derived, reflecting the gap in levels of production, consumption, standard of living. It is easy to see for him the historical legacy of colonialism "Metropolis – colony". Overall, except for a few well started former colonies, the geographical scope of the old and the new division coincided.

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Gordienko D. V. "fundamentals of economic security of the state. A course of lectures"

Covers the basics of economic security, indicators and criteria of its evaluation, given the analysis of threats to economic security and ways of their neutralization, the prospect of improving the economic security of Russia.

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The foundations of economic security of the state

The changes in the international situation marked the beginning of new approaches in the sphere of political, economic and military relations of the countries of the world community. In these circumstances, national security is closely linked to economic issues. However, as the threat of war in the modern world is not finally removed, especially acute problem of providing economic security of the state and practical steps in this direction.

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The secrets of General Leonov
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

December 20 – 90 years of scouting in Russia. Thirty-three years served in it the former Deputy chief of Soviet intelligence General-the Lieutenant in resignation Nikolay LEONOV. But we've been speaking with him not only about past Affairs.

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Military-United States air force, in operations on the territory of the Russian Federation

Recently a number of analytical centers of the administration and the defense Department has launched a review of scenarios associated with the possible collapse of Russia as a subject of international law. Commencement of works is due to the fact that, according to American military experts, to date Russia has not become a full-fledged democracy, and although it is still too early to belong to the category of "failed States", but the trend of recent months raises serious concern for the security of U.S. national interests in the region.

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Military alert on the Korean Peninsula: the economic aspect

Tapes of world news agencies were filled with alarming reports from the Korean Peninsula. Once again the situation between North and South. Moreover, this aggravation turned out to be one of the most serious in recent years. What is behind the current military-political crisis in the region? We will try to understand.

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On new edition of National security strategy of the U.S. cyber

The initial version of the National strategy to secure cyberspace, presented by the US administration on 18 September 2002, has undergone significant changes. First of all, the changes affected the General context of the document so that it better reflect the core principles outlined in the new national security Strategy of the United States.

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Nanotechnology: panacea or threat to humanity?
Проект: New in Science

According to some observers, at the recent summit Russia – NATO in Lisbon between Moscow and the West reached a new level of strategic partnership, the climax of which was the initiative of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who suggested the NATO to create a missile defense system in which Russia will cover Europe from possible missile threats in exchange for a similar commitment from the West. If successful, this project could be the first example of real integration of military capabilities of two previously hostile parties.

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On the situation of information security and information protection in the private sector of the Russian economy

To date in the field of information security and information security organizations in the private sector of the Russian economy has accumulated a lot of contradictions. This article aims to present the opinion of one of participants of the market of services of information security in credit-financial sphere - ZAO “document systems - MFD” - the company belonging to holding “Interbank Financial House”, Moscow.

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