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Some approaches to the identification of not previously identified threats to national security
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

One of the most important, not having to date, the precise apparatus to address is the problem of detecting and identifying new threats to national security.

15-02-2018 Grinyaev Sergey 1674 2

The probability of legalization of the Russian PMC this time really high
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

In the Russian media space does not stop discussion of the problem of private military companies (PMCs). Amid the ongoing debate on the next bill, designed to regulate this sphere, a new reason to return to the topic were rumors of casualties in Syria, who have suffered so-called PMCs "Wagner."

14-02-2018 Adliger 1663 0

The hole in the CPU: all the error that allows to steal passwords from almost any computer and smartphone

The researchers found the security hole, which is contained in most modern processors, computers, laptops and even smartphones. Tell all that is known about vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre, and how to live with them.

28-01-2018 admin 1400 0

DARPA resumed work on the "uncrackable" computer Morpheus

Cybersecurity in recent years has become particularly relevant for investment not only large corporations, but also the military. In light of recent events, when the worm WannaCry suddenly knocked out more than 300 000 computers worldwide, involuntarily start to think about what it would be nice to protect themselves from such developments. In the American military Agency DARPA also treat this problem very seriously. That is why the military resumed work on frozen project, code-named Morpheus, whose goal is the creation of a computer hack which is impossible.

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FSB accents
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Alexander Bortnikov: the Destruction of Russia for some it still remains an obsession. Our task is not to give place to their plans.

20-12-2017 admin 2393 0

The blockchain will replace the outdated system of passwords and will protect against break-ins

Modern methods of identification on the Internet stopped being reliable, so they need to upgrade, writes MIT technology Review. One of variants of such modernization may be blockchain. If identifiers will be decentralized, the hacking of accounts will not be terrible.

03-12-2017 admin 1388 0

Digital identification: the pros and cons of the rejection of anonymity
Проект: Future of the Information Society

In today's world of digital identity is a commonplace. Even such conservative organizations as the national governments are joining the trend of digital identification. Some countries, such as Estonia, Japan and even India now are attempting the introduction of digital ID for all its citizens.

01-09-2017 admin 2383 0

Google spoke about the development of AI to detect extremist material on YouTube

Google recently got into scandal due to weak moderation of videos on YouTube. As it turned out, on this platform not only published the video extremist content, but there is advertising of famous brands. This caused a real revolution among advertisers. Google accused literally in the financing of terrorism, racism, fascism and other sins. As a result, YouTube had to tighten the test content that hosts the ads. Google in the official blog promisedthat gain more people who will enforce the rules to prevent the appearance of ads on pages with inappropriate content.

21-06-2017 admin 1453 0

Why information technology is more dangerous than nuclear weapons
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Now a lot of talk about information security, but to understand what security, need to know what the danger is. In this article, I'd like to open a discussion of the danger of information technology in the form of a comparison of information technology with nuclear weapons.

21-06-2017 admin 2782 0

Trump recognizes Crimea as Russian territory?

The situation with the Crimean Peninsula is one of the "stumbling block" in relations between Russia and the West. In his numerous pre-election year interviews to various TV channels and print media trump argued that "consider the issue", not specifying what specific action he is going to take.

02-03-2017 admin 2017 0

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