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Saudi Arabia and the United States: an accomplice of terrorism or an American ally?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula. The state has positioned himself as a religious center of the Arab world, because on its territory there are two Muslim shrines – Mecca and Medina. The absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia is the only country where the official religion is considered Islam Wahhabi direction.

16-05-2013 Maria 7792 0

RAND experts on European cybersecurity framework

Evaluating comments on the European cyber security strategy adopted on 7 February 2013, it should be noted that the experts of the RAND in General positive about the new European high level document, stressing that such a document has long been required in the EU.

28-03-2013 Имя Фамилия 2608 0

Methods of assessing the stability of the state in the implementation of external and internal threats to security and the state's ability to form a regional or global power center
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Military-political situation in the world, in the region or between countries is exacerbated when the economic, diplomatic and other regulatory instruments and parry problems reach their limit and military force becomes the last effective argument.

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The challenges to Armenian statehood in the turbulent security environment of the XXI century
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

Evaluation of the performance of global processes allows us to talk about the deep contradictions between the global and regional centers of power, when decisive factor in shaping world politics, is once again becoming geopolitics and geopolitical context.

30-11-2012 Arzumanyan Rach'ya 1845 0

Belarusian armoured fist loses power

Recently Alexander Lukashenko met with defense Minister Yuri Zhadobin and Chairman of the state military-industrial Committee Sergei Guruleva. Following the meetings, we can make a disappointing conclusion for the military. The state is unable to increase defence spending. If we compare their growth with the rate of inflation, it appears that the provision remained at the same level or even decreased.

29-11-2012 admin 2288 0

The law without the right of appeal
Проект: Russia and Belarus: estimates and projections

Every few seconds, 24 hours a day throughout the year somewhere on our planet is taking off or landing plane. Each flight is controlled by the same, standardized way either as air traffic controllers, airport authorities or by the pilots control their aircraft.

15-11-2012 admin 2556 0

Battalions instead of brigades
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Because of the shortage of personnel and shortage of military equipment instead of brigades of permanent readiness by the decision of the General staff will be created reinforced battalions. According to available information, the new units will throw on fight against terrorists in the North Caucasus. Critics say that as a result of this step, the army will not be able to respond to more serious threats.

21-09-2012 admin 3570 0

The U.S. role in European security
Проект: Present and future of Europe

United States of America have ever seen in Europe, his natural ally due to a number of reasons: the Europeans shared the same religious and cultural values, same views on political structure and democratic form of government, and was historically close to the Americans as the descendants of the founders of the American nation.

17-09-2012 Maria 9520 0

European unity as a prerequisite for global stability
Проект: Present and future of Europe

The attention of the public and media to the problems of world security has grown significantly over the past two decades. The collapse of the bipolar system, contrary to expectations, did not lead to the hegemony of one superpower, able to dictate its terms to the world. On the contrary, the world order of the post-bipolar era has been more shaky than during the cold war.

06-09-2012 Kamran 5196 0

War not war
Проект: New in the military

The Americans is more profitable to pay millions of dollars to the captain of the enemy than to fight against him. Little? Will give 100 million! Still it would be cheaper than to sacrifice the lives of their soldiers and expensive military equipment.

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