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Modern Russian approaches to European security
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

In the article the author considers modern Russian approaches to European security. This problem is considered in the context of the proposal of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to conclude a European security Treaty between all European countries and key organizations providing security in Europe. Special attention is paid to the negotiations on DEB Russia and the European Union as the most promising and satisfying mutual interests of both parties.

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George Friedman "the Next 100 years. Forecast events of the XXI century"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

An abstract of the book "the Next 100 years. Forecast events of the XXI century" This provocative book instantly became a best seller list of The New York Times. Its author, American political scientist George Friedman, the Director of a private intelligence analysis organization, STRATFOR, offers readers a forecast of changes that can be expected in the world in the twenty-first century.

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Russian-American relations: is a breakthrough possible?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Relations between Russia and the United States have a fairly long history, having registered legally in 1807. The development of relations between the two countries experienced different periods: from the overtly friendly in the XIX - early XX centuries, to confrontational in the second half of the twentieth century.

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The future of the international system. A world without war or war without peace?
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Discussion about war and peace has no end. Being an object of creation, the human conscience (obedience to the image) is between the extremes of peace or war, heaven or hell, good or evil, nonviolence or violence, order or chaos. This duality supports our optimism, hope for better luck and, of course, faith in the meaning of life.

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EUROPRO the reality and virtuality of air defense

From 16 to 20 July in the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia passed the aviation NATO exercise Ramstein Guard 4" where participated a MIG-29 jets of the Polish air force flying the mission for the protection of the airspace of the Baltic States. The main purpose of the maneuvers was to exercise the forces and means of the United air defense system of NATO in terms of radio interference.

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The military factor in US foreign policy

The history of mankind is the history of wars. War accompanied humans since ancient times. It happened so that means the war has resolved certain issues, be it territorial disputes or the struggle for spheres of influence. In the modern world the factor of military force continues to play an important role in achieving political goals. The evidence of that is the active use of military force by the US and its allies.

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Assessment of the political situation in Russia and the CIS countries, the short-term forecast of its development. Recommendations for short-term security policy for companies
Проект: On the national idea

Materials of the report setting out the main assessment of the political situation in Russia, and representing the recommendations of organizacii corporate security policy. For the security personnel.

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About the security of critical infrastructure in the state of Israel

The study of techniques and methods to ensure the security of critical infrastructure on the example of approaches used in Israel today can serve as a model or "classic of genre". The years of conflict in the middle East has made the Israeli security approaches one of the most effective. It is well known that developed in Israel, the security system of airports (one of the affected sites critical infrastructure) today, the most effective of other world analogues.

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Information weapons of the superpowers: cyber warfare and "controlled crises"

As a result of development of information and telecommunication technologies has changed not only the means of armed struggle, but also the strategy and tactics of modern wars, there was the concept of taking into account the informational vulnerability of the parties. In a respectable scientific publications in recent times against the information weapon even uses the term "weapons of mass destruction". The role of a leader in the use of this "weapon" belongs unquestionably and unreservedly the US, which formulated the basic strategies of information warfare in 1992.

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Smernicki V. F., V. V. letunovsky, K. D. Polulyakh "Theory of social security systems"
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

The book presents the main tenets of the theory of social security systems. The modern ideas on security, philosophical aspects of the concept "security", the existing approaches to research and security systems, the theoretical basis of social security systems, including their characteristics, the nature and physical meaning of danger in social systems, safety systems and their gain patterns of occurrence, increase, identifying, assessing, and managing risk in the process of existence and development of social systems.

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