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Humanitarian intervention: building a global sovereignty
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Social unrest in the Muslim world and the humanitarian intervention of NATO in Libya is the result of changes in the system of global governance. Crisis dollars-centric financial order, the problems of global socio-economic and political development, and population explosion – all these factors sent into oblivion feudal concept of a sovereign state. On the proscenium of world history goes the turbo-capitalism, the economic system of a new type, driven by Informatization and globalization accelerates the historical process, which, in turn, frees capital from the constraints imposed by the national government.

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Social networks as an innovative mechanism of "soft" impact and management of mass consciousness
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

In the twenty-first century modern man, along with the existing reality, plunged into a new space, information environment, Western scholars have named "cyberspace". The political activity of social groups is gradually shifting to social networks, interactive multi-user web sites, whose content is filled by the participants. Presenting an automated social environment, networks allow you to talk to a group of users United by common interests.

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If you want peace, prepare for war
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The most notable trend in contemporary world politics, is strengthening the likelihood of global war. And, for the past eight months, this threat is growing almost exponentially. It is not only about the substantial increase of global military spending. It's not just about the sharp aggravation of the military-political situation in the Asia-Pacific region and the Persian Gulf. It is not only that a number of leading politicians openly or privately talking about "the approaching great war."

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Rethinking the concept of security in the context of global political processes

The next day after the beginning of NATO aggression against Serbia in June 1999, the UN Secretary General (at the time was Kofi Annan) made a statement to the newspaper "Le Monde": "the Man should be in the center of it all. Even the concept of sovereignty was designed to protect the individual who is the raison d'être of the state and not Vice versa. It becomes unacceptable to see how countries are violating the rights of its citizens under the pretext of sovereignty." In his speech, Kofi Annan has tried to Express the main idea of the doctrine of human security.

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On military threats to the Eurasian Union

Once Benjamin Franklin said that "great Empire, like a great cake, is beginning to crumble at the edges". The sad experience of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union very clearly. However, to paraphrase a prominent American politician and physicist, I can say that going to a big Empire, like spilled mercury, also from the edges: tiny droplets scattered in all directions by a strong external influence of liquid metal begin to gather around the big drops, gradually merging into one large mass, almost completely restores its former weight and volume.

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R. Arzumanyan `Complex thinking and Network: a paradigm of nonlinearity and the security environment of the XXI century`
Проект: New in the military

The monograph covers the fundamentals of complex thinking, science of complexity and paradigm of nonlinearity, describing the turbulent security environment of the modern world. Consideration of some aspects of the strategic culture of the West, as well as views on war Clausewitz, the symbol of nonlinearity in the military sphere, allows to explain the nature of revolutionary change, which resulted in the emergence of the theory settentrione wars and settentrione concepts.

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Round table "transformation of the forms and expressions of social protest in the emerging global information society"
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

At the end of 2011, when after the Duma elections, Russia experienced the new technologies of social protest, we organized a survey of experts in a number of CIS countries. The survey was attended by experts from Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

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H. Lumer `Military economy and the crisis`

According to the author, one of the important weapons in the propaganda Arsenal of the United States and other countries is liuteria that militarization leads to economic prosperity, employment growth, real wage increases, etc. the Book is dedicated to debunking this "theory", which is of great importance in the struggle for peace. Lumer paints a broad picture of the status of the U.S. economy of the mid-twentieth century. He explores methods of financing an arms race in the U.S., analyzes the dynamics of the real wages of American workers, shows the enrichment of the monopolies of the USA on wars and militarization of the economy.

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Military-economic security of the state

The world has entered the new Millennium. The last years of the century characterized by global geopolitical changes and the increased controversy, the result of which became

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Conversion of military production and economic defence

The problem of conversion of military production involves a number of complex issues, the main of which are: the adequacy of production of weapons and military equipment; the optimum distribution of productive forces and of production; employment and social protection of the population and economic defence. Modern military production is, in fact, a continuous process, a sequential alternation of generations weapons and their modifications within the generations.

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