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The special forces: who is good when the economy is bad
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

It is not often that real professionals there is a chance to make a breakthrough and achieve something significant. You may not believe, but now in the Russian economy came as such a happy moment.

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An inconvenient truth: why the dollar has not yet collapsed
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Pseudoanonymity repeatedly threatened us hyperinflation, collapse of dollar and the death of other currencies. Why the terrible prophecy does not come true? All the matter in a non-standard policy of Central banks after the crisis of 2008.

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Sergei Glazyev: "the Financial authorities went on about their foreign colleagues"
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

The Russian economy is sinking deeper into financial crisis: rouble continues to dive, and inflation to rise. According to the presidential Advisor, economist and academician Sergei Glazyev, the reason for that is the sluggishness of the financial authorities. He said this, speaking at the discussion platform "Tverskaya — XXI". One of the main mistakes Glazyev calls the transition to a floating exchange rate. The refusal of the Central Bank to control the national currency, in his opinion, did not help and only increased the vulnerability of the Russian financial system.

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The Ukrainian army moved to defense, the militia are significant losses
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Military experts said the change of tactics of warfare and the increased coherence of the armed forces of Ukraine. If in the summer of 2014 the Ukrainian army was not prepared for war and suffered defeats, but now it has strengthened their defensive positions.

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The Central Bank is preparing a new devaluation
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

Yesterday the Russian Central Bank resumed auctions on granting to commercial banks by 1.1 trillion rubles per month with virtually no collateral, to be exact – under the so-called non-market assets. Pumping money banks can lead to a new wave of ruble devaluation, since the protection from the flow of money the Central Bank on the foreign exchange market has not been created. The cut-off rate at yesterday's auction amounted to 17,25%. However, the current inflation rate and the potential weakening of the ruble due to the fall in oil prices may be even higher. Russian financiers were previously called pumping banks in rubles of the Central Bank the main cause an artificial weakening of the ruble in the beginning of last year.

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Alexei Ulyukayev – RBC: the Growth of 2.5–3% is possible without the liberal revolution
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

The recession in the Russian economy is worse than acute crisis, said the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev in September last year. After a little over a year no one will deny that the situation facing Russia's economy, is a crisis that, apparently, will last at least two years. While all the actions of the authorities intended to react to its symptoms. "We, unfortunately, proactive policies are not," admits the Minister. In an interview with RBC Alexei Ulyukayev tells what measures will the government and the Bank of Russia to solve problems on the currency and financial market, what support to expect for the real sector of the economy and what will happen if the sanctions will last long.

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The risk of corporate debt
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

A couple of weeks ago Borio Claudio (Claudio Borio) advised investors to pay attention to the threat posed by currency mismatches. In recent years the chief economist of the Bank for international settlements observed, companies from Russia, China, Brazil and India, rapidly increase borrowings, primarily in us dollars. Although until recently it's all arranged, if and when the dollar will suddenly rise, this debt could destabilize the situation, as he served for the most part due to revenues in national currency.

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On the interbank market crisis began because of the rise in the key rate
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

Raising the key rate to 17% Bank of Russia provoked the crisis situation in the interbank ruble market, where rates reached 30% per annum. Banks do not want to part with the currency, preferring to take on expensive short term. This keeps the ruble, but it has to pay for the banking crisis.

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Viktor Gerashchenko: "In place of the floor I would have asked for a gun and shot himself"
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Today the former head of the Central Bank Victor Gerashchenko in an exclusive interview with "BUSINESS Online" stated the loss of control in the sphere of economy in Russia. Stating that he received a pension in rubles, he explained why he personally is not interested in news about the growth of the dollar and the Euro: he, like most of the population lives from hand to mouth and spends in rubles. The banker told who was "off his head", what are the main mistakes Elvira Nabiullina and why it is in place of the Russian authorities have long been returned to the restrictions on sales of foreign currency earnings.

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