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Britain is in a hurry to overtake the United States in revenge Assad

Prime Minister David Cameron has his reasons to rush the West as soon as possible to strike at Syria.

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Why Siberia could be the secret economic weapon of Russia
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Infamous during the tsarist and the Stalinist era, as a place of exile from which no one returns, Siberia is now being touted by government as a storage room for future growth. It is in the East and not the West, according to the Russian government, lies the potential for the development of the country.

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Does Russia need the cyber command?
Проект: New in the military

At the end of July the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the "principles of state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of international information security for the period up to 2020". The document was partly intended as a response adopted in 2011, the US "International strategy on actions in a cyberspace". It USA for the first time equated the acts of computer sabotage to traditional military action, but reserved the right to respond to them by all means including the use of nuclear weapons. The creation of this document has become necessary due to the fact that the information security doctrine signed by President Putin in 2000, was in need of adaptation. "After all, there are new threats," says Natalia kasperskaya, CEO of Infowatch, a Russian company that produces protection of corporate information. The Russian "answer" looks more peaceful than the us. As follows from the text that Moscow intends to deal with threats in the network not methods of deterrence, and strengthening international cooperation. The document identifies four main threats for the Russian Federation in the field of the IIB. The first is the use of information and communication technologies as information weapons in military-political purposes, for the implementation of hostile actions and acts of aggression. The second is the use of ICT for terrorist purposes. Third is cybercrime, including illegal access to computer information, creation and distribution of malware. The fourth reflects the purely Russian approach. It is about using Internet technologies to "interference in the internal Affairs of States", "disturbing public order," "incitement" and "propaganda of ideas inciting to violence". To pay attention to this threat, the Russian authorities forced the events of the "Arab spring" demonstrated the potential of social networking for the organization and coordination of anti-government actions. Regarding the first point, the Americans believe that by criterion efficiency-cost information technology impact on the enemy greatly superior to traditional weapons systems. All the leading countries of the world have paid considerable attention to the development of the theory and practice of application of methods of information warfare. However, the successful conduct of warfare in this area is possible only if the management of such a system from a single center. The fact is that to achieve high combat effectiveness of information warfare requires a comprehensive approach, when one task uses a lot sometimes loosely formal methods of influencing the enemy. It puts as a key task of coordinating a large number of diverse forces and resources, using different methods and techniques. The variety of forms of information warfare involves its conduct in one form or another in virtually all major state agencies, and various non-state entities. An important feature of this war is the wide use of the resource of the enemy. Acting on its information system based on the principles of reflexive control, you can achieve for yourself of the action from the opposite side, that in the practice of life is often referred to as provocation. However, this is a normal and highly effective practice of such a war. A similar approach is applied to neutral and even friendly organizations and structures, which inform about their involvement in information operations, for whatever reasons, is undesirable. Last year the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies published the book "the Wrong war", which primarily cited as the enormously increased role of psychological support of military operations. Brand all armed conflicts are accompanied by massive propaganda attack in the media. In June of this year the Alliance took the decision to create a cybernetic rapid reaction forces of the Alliance. "We have reached agreement on the establishment of rapid response teams of the Alliance in the field of cyber security," stressed the NATO Secretary General. — General cyber defence system of NATO will be commissioned by the autumn". NATO already has its own "computer fortress" — the Center of the cyber security Alliance in Tallinn (Estonia). In early July, it was reported, if had matured last year and a half the idea of the analogue of the us "cyber command", the Russian defense Ministry will acquire its shape in the form of a whole separate kind of troops. Improving methods of information-psychological war has already led to a natural division of military actions in the information space for the operations conducted by special services and units of the armed forces, and sabotage (in fact guerrilla) actions of informational and psychological nature carried out by permanently turning on in the information-psychological war volunteers. The volunteer virtual social communities represent the ideal form of organization of modern subversive groups to conduct "guerrilla wars" in the information space. Interesting in this regard the experience of Israel. The emergence of a modern media strategy of Israel is associated with the creation of the office of Prime Minister National Directorate of information to coordinate outreach efforts of all state authorities (government, army, embassies and other) and various public organizations. A new Directorate alongside state structures came into contact with bloggers and non-governmental organizations. Official agencies coordinated the activities of volunteers on the information front. The communicative function of social networks is more and more replaced by propaganda. A spokesman for the IDF has created their own blog and YouTube channel. The Israeli Consulate in new York, has opened own page in Twitter. The staff of combat units were introduced post war photographers, taking part in all combat operations by the Israeli armed forces and supplying the media with necessary materials. Whatever the source of information nor the user has selected, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere he is faced with the Israeli propaganda in the form of information. The Arab world could oppose the Israeli propaganda mostly hacker attacks. However, according to journalists at the independent Austrian Internet portal, collaborating with the Vienna newspaper Die Kronen Zeitung, "not hackers in their cyber-attacks are the key to success in the struggle for public opinion". Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin considers social networking one of the elements of cyber warfare, including against Russia. Speaking in the framework of the project "Civil University" in Moscow, the Deputy head of the government said that this sort of thing in the US is engaged in even the state Department, where a special Department. He added that he had met with the chief of this division, which is actively working "on using social networks to achieve U.S. military purposes not militarily". Propaganda war on social networks clearly showed that the formation of world public opinion largely depends on bright and visible images that are created and distributed by volunteers, providing relevant content Internet sites. Today, one of the television images of the events passed the world's agencies and repeatedly replicated by the volunteers of medieval, can act as an argument for the adoption of fateful decisions. Nicholas Cornet Source:

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The X-47B is extended for another two years and envisages a significant expansion of the functionality of a flying robot
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Last month, an unmanned aircraft X-47B UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) company Northrop Grumman as a whole successfully coped with the completion of the main program their flight tests. Apparatus X-47B, having made a takeoff and landing on an aircraft carrier deck in automatic mode and via remote control, has demonstrated the possibility of using drones as the deck naval aviation.

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Opportunities lost on the Silk road: neglected by China and Russia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Prediction: in 2014-2015, the American media will start to throw articles about annoying gaps made in the implementation of U.S. plans to stabilize Afghanistan after the withdrawal of their troops.

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The U.S. Congress held hearings about the possibility of wars over resources in Central Asia

A U.S. congressional Committee held a July 25 hearing on "the emergence of the threat of resource wars" in Central Asia. But to establish what the threat is and if it exists at all, as a result failed.

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Looking beyond the horizon : Preparation, reaction and flexibility as key concepts of security in the twenty-first century

Carefully studying the events of recent years such as Storm sandy, the shooting in the States and drought across the country, as well as the response from the authorities and the population, the author offers a new conceptual approach to preventing and responding to crises. The article emphasizes the need for a new, innovative approach to the planning, reaction and the concept of "flexibility".

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Save Russia globalization?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The profound transformation occurring in the global economy, will inevitably lead to chaos and conflict. The proposal to create a Transatlantic trade and investment partnership between the United States and the European Union could seriously worsen the situation and cause the emergence of rival economic blocs.

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Features of the preparation and use of analytical materials
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

The threefold task of our virtual discussion is to discuss the differences of analytical materials from journalism, to find out the specifics of production Analytics for the media and eventually to prepare their own analytical materials.

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