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Heavy 2019: is there for the Russians the light at the end of the tunnel
Проект: On the national idea

This year, if the attitudes of authorities will not change, will definitely be the year of protests.

02-01-2019 admin 448 0

Kerch tragedy brings the "H"
Проект: On the national idea

Kerch tragedy is not the first and unfortunately not the last resonant event in modern Russia. "Crimea is once again reminding yourself of Russia, signaled that not everything is in order in our "Kingdom of crooked mirrors". Not for the Crimean people voted for joining to Russia, so she once again rolled to the abyss, from which with great difficulty recently dragged its current President," said Fyodor Pashin.

19-10-2018 admin 880 0

The picture of Oleg Vasiliev, Buddhists, amid the burning of the White house and call Akhedzhakova: little-known facts about the events of 3-4 October 1993
Проект: On the national idea

Exactly 25 years ago everything in Russia was very hectic: 3 and 4 October, the conflict of the Supreme Council with President Yeltsin have reached the highest point. According to official figures, over two days, the country lost at least 157 people. Live spectators watched the assault of Ostankino, the White house shooting in Moscow of tanks and street fighting. We have collected little-known facts that the anniversary of these events usually do not remember.

04-10-2018 admin 1341 0

Presidential statement on pensions will cover the government
Проект: On the national idea

Media and social networks are actively discussing the issue of falling trust rating of the President from the public in connection with the adoption of unpopular measures of the authorities. We are talking about pension reform, increase in VAT etc. Experts believe that the sharp drop in the rating of trust can have negative consequences for the stability of the country especially in the conditions of the further aggravation of the international situation. In particular, the Kremlin cannot afford to lose the support of the population in the face of increasing Western sanctions. Presidential statement on pensions is an attempt to win back the rating, the maximum return of trust of citizens. However, some admonitions about the inevitability of reform is not enough. The required version of pension reform (, relevant and adequate to the Russian realities, and people are waiting for another government. The sudden disappearance of the heads of the government and the Central Bank cannot fail to inspire hope. Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

28-08-2018 admin 740 0

Both lived in Russia before the arrival of Christians
Проект: On the national idea

Under the headline there was an article in the newspaper "Pensioner and society" (№7, July 2010). This article shows a map of the world from 1030 to which Russia covers the territory from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean. The map is compiled during the initial phase of Christianization of Rus in 988. Prince Vladimir. Recall that in the days preceding Christianization in Rus ' revered pagan gods, revered ancestors, lived in Harmony with nature a single state. The most important of the extant monuments of those times is considered the "Veles book", which we have repeatedly written in the pages of our website.

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Andrei Medvedev: If I had to speak in the Bundestag, as the boy Cole...
Проект: On the national idea

If I had to speak in the Bundestag, as the boy Cole, I said these words:- Dear deputies. Today I saw a miracle. And this miracle is called Germany. I walked to you and looked at the beautiful Berlin streets, the people, wonderful monuments, and now I stand here and look at you. And I understand that everything is a miracle. You all were born and live in Germany. Why do I think so?

08-05-2018 admin 1454 0

Alone mongrel
Проект: On the national idea

Russia four centuries went East and the next four centuries to the West. Neither there nor there not rooted. Both roads are completed. Will now popular ideology of the third way, the third type of civilization, the third world, the third Rome...

10-04-2018 admin 1704 0

General Ivashov: a Message to Putin - a collection of empty promises...
Проект: On the national idea

Interview with General Ivashov Leonid the results of the Message of the RF President to the Federal Assembly, March 1, 2018...

11-03-2018 admin 2859 0

Experiment customs: how Russians are deprived of the gifts before the New year
Проект: On the national idea

"I bought a doll for my daughter LOL — there are cheaper almost twice. Daughter really wants a gift for the New year — just raves about these dolls. And then I read the news that customs stop the parcels from online stores, requires INN. Say — experiment. Dolls now hang at customs — I don't know whether it comes to NG". This is the complaint of one woman on the forum "moms". One of hundreds: someone is waiting for the smartphone, someone clothes. Nothing terrible happened, just FCS staged "experiment" — it effects thousands of Russians feel right now.

15-12-2017 admin 1551 0

Putin's third term: what was promised and what has been done
Проект: On the national idea

"Vedomosti" has analyzed what has changed in the economy, foreign and internal policy of the country in 2012.

09-12-2017 admin 3505 0

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