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Crimea had put an end to megaprojects
Проект: On the national idea

A prominent member of the epoch of developed socialism said that the economy should be economical. This wisdom could be spoken to former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, but the author Brezhnev. As Viktor Stepanovich became the Deputy Minister of Gazprom under Leonid Illich, it can be assumed that the Secretary General has been life-giving source of aphoristic passages Chernomyrdin.

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The trouble with Russia are not fools and roads, but elite
Проект: On the national idea

New year's gift to the Moscow authorities has brought solace in the raging stream of day – postponed-after-holidays ticking bomb called "sentence-bulk-independence-on manezhke" was timely and defused without casualties. Apparently, Navalny has earned the term for his fraud with the money of the French company and the Kirov forest, but the people's peace of mind is worth it to while he remained on the outside. He was not the first, not the last person would have to sit, and sat down.

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The wings of the sovereign
Проект: On the national idea

The postmodern era creates the desire to counter it. We see utter absurdity of people actually breaks through the blood they shed, and in the sphere of struggle of ideas, new ideologies, destroying or transforming the ideological field of the West or chaotic space growing like a weed meanings in the post-Soviet space.

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Nation-building and materially
Проект: On the national idea

The events happening almost outside the window, can confound. The common man, they will perplex, and specialist events can just drive them into a stupor, incapable to do a specialist. And if the boiler doesn't always suddenly begins to broadcast radio transmissions in areas of knowledge based on striking the mind of abstraction, things are more sad way.

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What we did in the USSR and don't do in Russia
Проект: On the national idea

In the USSR we did space Shuttle "Energy-Buran" in 1988, when he flew into orbit and return back to automatic mode, we were closer to Mars than it is now.

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"We have a rich experience of revolt": can Parkman be the harbinger of mass protests: evaluation of sociology of the RAS
Проект: On the national idea

Moskvich Konstantin Altukhov last week almost a day prevented the evacuation of his car. A jeep with a tow truck eventually removed. And the protester became a national hero and role model. Drivers have started more often to thwart evacuation of their cars, and on weekends several dozen motorists tried to make an inconsistent rally against paid Parking. How in demand today in Russia such rebels as Altukhov and what are the chances of the emergence of new forms of civil protest, "the Tape.Roo" spoke to the candidate of philosophical Sciences, head of sociology of conflict at the Institute of sociology, RAS Alexander Kinsbursky.

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Проект: On the national idea

Strangers. As it so happened that they appeared in this country in sufficiently large numbers, and as it so happened that they came out of the cabinets, where he hid himself, as the skeletons of foreign Proverbs, and boldly trample on our pavements?

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Russia and the menace of unreality

Speaking last week at the NATO summit in Wales, the commander of NATO forces in Europe General Philip Breedlove (Philip Breedlove) made a bold statement. Russia, he said, holds "a stunning blitzkrieg of information warfare, which we have not seen in history".

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To The Right Of Putin. Recently sent in the resignation of Igor Strelkov represents an ultra-conservative challenge to the Russian President
Проект: On the national idea

Speaking in Crimea on August 14, Vladimir Putin recalled that the Peninsula in 1920 was the last refuge of the anti-Bolshevik White Russian army. From there she sailed from Russia after the end of the Civil war. The place where was played the fratricidal conflict, can now become a place of "reconciliation "red" and "white"," noted Putin. These words were clearly related to his calls to end the conflict in Ukraine. The Soviet Union collapsed only 22 years ago, so any "red" still, but these "whites" have, of course, no — the last one died in 1990-ies. However, in the form of the old struggle of "red" and "white" continues, and its legacy in the context of the war in Ukraine continues to be surprisingly relevant.

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Global anti-hero
Проект: On the national idea

The Tolstoy dilemma about the history and personality on the background of the Donbass events becomes irrelevant. Practice current civil war in Ukraine shows that sometimes the story develops separately from the individuals who create it. Even the heroes can't help but notice her. Otherwise not to explain the appearance of Igor strelkov – a hero, which did not assume the reality of post-Soviet and Western experts.

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