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Count N. P. Rezanov. Its role in the development of land in North America

Nobleman Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov was born in St. Petersburg into an impoverished family of 8 April 1764, but received an excellent education at home and by age 14 he had five European languages. Since 1778 he served in the military artillery, but due to its statisti, the bearing and the outer beauty was transferred to the life guards Izmailovo regiment.

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The rise of the Asia-Pacific region on the background of the fall of the unipolar world order: theoretical and practical dimension
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) in contemporary international relations cannot remain without attention of the major players in world politics. USA, China and Russia are well aware of and understand the basic world political trends of modern life. The shift of political and economic weight towards Asia, rapid economic development in China and the entire Asian market, increasing demand for energy – all this indicates that basic processes of world politics and the world economy in the twenty-first century will unfold on the shores of the Pacific ocean.

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Modern conflicts: their nature, driving forces and mechanisms
Проект: New in the military

This essay consists of 4 parts, in which the author intends to consider the geopolitical importance of the Middle East, to give a brief presentation on the occurrence, causes and nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, to identify the main driving forces and mechanisms of the conflict and to assess the role of Russia in this conflict and to analyze its geopolitical interests in the region.

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"Forgotten materiala" Eugene Messner as a precedent updating military thought of the Russian Diaspora in discussions about the wars of the new generation
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Reform of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation is in full swing. The troops received modern equipment, conducted large-scale exercises of the army and whole units of the military districts, revived the system of training, interested in new phenomena and concepts of warfare. In the information space is increasingly common notion, which several years ago was the subject of discussion of a narrow circle of military specialists and professionals dealing with military-political issues. Today at all on hearing such concepts as "network centric war", "military activities in cyberspace", "information warfare", "psychological operations," etc.

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The relationship between the society and military organization in the context of ensuring national and collective security: a comparative analysis on the example of Russia and NATO countries
Проект: New in the military

The relationship of the military organization and society, their nature, and the harmony have a direct impact on the state of national security. Ensuring the latter depends, on the one hand, how effective is the management of the military organization on the part of public authorities, satisfied the needs of the military organization in human, financial and logistical resources.

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A prophet in his own country. The experience of geopolitical essays by E. A. Vandamme

Thanks to the efforts of local researchers in recent years, one after another began to open undeservedly forgotten names and fate of the first Russian geopolitics. At the turn of XIX - XX centuries they focused their efforts on research of strategic importance for Russian foreign policy directions, its development prospects and the main geopolitical rivals of Russia.

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The main factors influencing the stability of the Middle East in modern conditions

The article examines the main factors influencing stability in the Middle East region in modern conditions, namely the geopolitical interests of the leading countries in the region, particularly U.S. policy; the activities of religious-extremist movements and terrorist groups in the region; the incident of socio-political conflicts in the Middle East, the so-called "Arab spring" which led to the change of political regimes in the countries of the region and pretransformation geopolitical situation.

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American military strategy in the middle East

The article reveals the military policy and military strategy of the United States in the Middle East, its geopolitical characteristics, main activities of American military policy in the region over the last decade, the results of this activity as a result of the activities of the United States.

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Russian nationalism as a geopolitical phenomenon
Проект: On the national idea

Russia is a huge geopolitical entity, which has close ties with many peoples and cultures of Eurasia. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia was confronted with completely new challenges and tasks associated with a substantial reassessment of foreign policy priorities and political strategy in relation to the rest of the world.

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Sunnistan: future US strategy in Iraq

Official US plan to combat "Islamic state" is approved and adopted. It remains only to understand how the publicly stated goals of Washington in the fight against terrorism relate to the real objectives of U.S. policy toward Iraq. The American propaganda machine once again proves its effectiveness. US actions in Iraq are considered today by most browsers, exclusively in the context of the fight against "Islamic state", although the more — the more obvious that the goal pursued by Washington and glubinnoe much bigger than the defeat of the jihadists, nothing serious in the military-political plan of itself is not.

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