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"Island Russia" in the modern geopolitical conditions
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The article attempts to analyze the state of modern Russia on the world stage through the prism of the concept of "Island Russia".

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Military policy as a factor of safety of the state
Проект: New in the military

In the article the importance of ensuring military security of the state, through the demonstration of military power (force) to prevent military threats and deter a possible aggressor.

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The quiet takeover of America by China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Every year hundreds of billions of dollars leave the rapidly emptying Treasury of the United States and funneling to China. This considerable redistribution of material resources has led to dramatic consequences for both countries, according to

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Ex-scout Bezrukov: USA on the verge of changing course
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The former scout-the illegal immigrant, Andrey Bezrukov, has worked a long time in the USA, has told to the correspondent "News" Nikolay Surkov, why the United States needs Ukraine and why Russia got together with China to build greater Eurasia.

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Four lessons about the role of America in the world
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

It is difficult to imagine another election season in modern history where questioning would be delivered a huge number of traditional attitudes and principles of American foreign policy. To some extent this is understandable. The United States does not live up to expectations in matters of foreign policy, and there is an impression that in our relations with all regions of the world is dominated by conflicts and threats, not opportunities.

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International educational activity of high school as an instrument of modern geopolitics
Проект: New in Science

By the end of XX century education market has evolved into a full-fledged branch of the world economy. When setting targets higher education in the field of international cooperation between the state pursue including geopolitical goals. In the "National Doctrine of Education in the Russian Federation", which defines the strategic objectives of high school until 2025 allocated the task of integration of education and science in the global space, by training professionals to meet international requirements, the ability to timely and accurately solve the urgent problems of modern civil society.

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"Many African states are created artificially." Why the new "race for the black continent" Russia is losing the West and China
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of African Studies Dmitry Bondarenko told "" which African countries can be called "failed states", about the dangers and benefits of European colonialism, the development of mobile communications in the world fueled civil wars in Congo and why Africa needs China.

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Ukraine: the end was near. The blogosphere today
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

First a few sketches from the field that eloquently characterize the degree of collapse of the Ukrainian state under the leadership deobandism Pro-American junta. Until 2 March, i.e. more than a month, stopped the Ukrainian engineering giant Yuzhmash". Before that, he had worked only ten days, from 12 to 23 January, because of the previous interruption was from 1 December to 11 January. Respectively, for the three winter months the giant factory will last only 10 days. The debt on a salary is about 79 million hryvnia, which, of course, no one is not going to pay. In connection with this fact noted Yura from Sumy, "the collapse of the economy is visible not only on this one occasion. In the public sector have also been delays in payment of wages. I'm not talking about the injection of 20 billion USD. 31 December to cover the necessary holes in the 2014 budget".

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Many Westerners consider us to be "little Russians" and it's already a cliché...
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

At the end of February to take place the visit of the delegation of the Democratic party of Serbia in Moscow. On the eve of the forthcoming visit of the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev meets the President of Democratic party of Serbia, Sanda rašković-ivić.

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Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

Does every new German Chancellor before taking office must come to Washington and sign a secret document?

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