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Antarctica: the future struggle for territorial possession
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

According to the international agreement on Antarctica until 2048, the continent is a demilitarized zone that prohibits weapons testing, nuclear explosions and the disposal of radioactive waste. But, what happens when the contract lapses?

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The end of East policy. It is time for Russia to get used to the new Germany
Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

"Nothing is for companies more important than legal security, stability and peace as a basic premise that it was possible to conduct successful economic activities". These words belong to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Uttering them, she made it clear that, although due to anti-Russian sanctions to affect the interests of the German producers, for the foreseeable future to abolish trade restrictions Berlin is not planning. "They are inevitable", said the Chancellor, speaking at a Congress of European family businesses.

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China and Russia announced their intention to form a defensive Alliance
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

According to Russian and Chinese state media, during his visit to Beijing for meetings with his Chinese counterpart and Prime Minister Lee Kachanga, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that "the parties expressed its concern over U.S. attempts to strengthen its military and political influence in the Asia-Pacific region."

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Asian echo of Crimea. Why fight Russia and the West could lead to explosion in Middle Asia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Imposed against Russia economic sanctions and the fall in oil prices not only put the Russian economy on the brink of a recession hitting the wallets of ordinary citizens, but also impact on the nearby partners of the Kremlin — first of all post-Soviet countries. And this resulted not only in reduction of turnover and the depletion of financial flows, has become including the most socially vulnerable and low-paid cogs in the machine of the Russian economy. We are talking about migrant workers from Central Asian republics – Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, already fully experienced the consequences of confrontation with the West.

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Brzezinski: Ideology in Russia are based on misconceptions of their own capacity
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Russia's goal – to intimidate Europe, based on the awareness that European countries are not too integrated. After that and until the division of Europe not far. Described his understanding of the medium-term plans of the Russian leadership, leading political scientist and Advisor to several U.S. presidents Zbigniew Brzezinski in the discussion that took place on Friday at the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington.

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The geopolitical concept of coding is an innovative approach to the analysis of foreign policy in the context of globalization
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

The second half of the twentieth century was marked by the formation of a new geopolitical space and the radical transformation of the political system of the world. The first phenomenon is due to the collapse of the bipolar system of international relations, while the second was caused by the dynamic processes of globalization that led to the formation of a global political order with its architecture.

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The end of the ice age. Central Asia predicted global environmental catastrophe
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The shortage of fresh water, threatening the Central Asian republics and Kazakhstan, has already been written dozens of articles. Scientists and environmentalists do not cease to recall the tragic fate of the Aral sea dried-up, forecasting, and other reservoirs in the region might suffer the same fate: the river will dry up, and lakes will disappear in the Sands. While the Central Asian countries can rely on the reserves of fresh water are concentrated in glaciers of the Pamir and Tien Shan, and these natural reservoirs are now under threat. Glaciers are melting, and this process in the medium and long term will further aggravate the situation in one of the driest regions of the planet.

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Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak Was A Polar. Role of A.V. Kolchak in strategic development of the Arctic region
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

What do we know about Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak? Some know him as a great Admiral, the hero of Port Arthur and Baltic, the brilliant naval commander, a specialist in mine business on the sea. Others — as Supreme ruler, cruel dictator. But few know him as a talented polar Explorer, an Eminent oceanographer, ahead of the science of the sea for nearly half a century, scientist hydrologist, devoted to studying the Arctic for 15 years.

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The Suez canal as a geo-strategic point

Mediterranean sea since ancient times is the center of conflicts and wars with the sole purpose to control and manage one of the most important regions of the world. Moreover, all empires had been built around him. The Suez canal connects the Red and Mediterranean seas and is considered the border between the two continents Africa and Eurasia.

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Siberia in the geopolitical designs
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

We agree that under the geopolitics we will understand accepted among geographers definition: "...the theory and practice of state foreign policy, based on the maximum geographic factors" [1, p. 509]. In our study synthesized such areas as academic, traditional, regional, applied (geo-strategy), critical (including antihemolytic) geopolitics, military geography, geo-Economics (as a form of control over space and countering), because they contribute to a broader view of Siberia to Western geopolitical designs.

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