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The issue of cybersecurity in the context of Russian-American relations

The second term of Barack Obama and a third term of Vladimir Putin was marked by further deterioration in Russian-American relations. The Ukrainian crisis and the Syrian issue has clearly demonstrated that the discourse of "the enemy" continues to play a major role in the formation of the Russian-American agenda. The latest round of contradictions, replicated in the Russian and American media, was the potential threat of cyberwarfare between the US and Russia.

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Impact of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 on the discussion in the Russian periodical press in the state of the army and its logistics

It is well known that during the last Russo-Turkish war surfaced many shortcomings in the organization of army rear, in General, of the army and of warfare. All this could not pass the public opinion. Wrote prominent Russian researcher O. V. Orlik, "In the course of the war destroyed jingoistic sentiment inherent in the first large part of the officers, the army increasingly began to manifest oppositional and even revolutionary views." The public mood was reflected in the pages of periodicals.

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Information warfare: the political-philosophical analysis

The topic of the present study is relevant for several reasons. Society today lives in the age of active information development. Each sphere in one way or another touched upon the widespread adoption of communicative innovations, which formed a huge field of interaction information of various kinds. Of special interest is political information, particularly that which after distribution most strongly affects the population, not the least of its origins, purposes, consequences and methods of fighting in that case, if the proceeds from the aggressor turns out to be false and can cause anxiety. This is due to the fact that for many States today, military clashes do not make sense, represented only a source of unnecessary costs and losses.

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The relevance and problems of estimating the information pressure on Russia's population

Currently, the strengthening of Russia takes place against the background of new threats to national security, with complex interrelated. The Russian Federation's independent foreign and domestic policy causes a reaction from the United States and their allies, seeking to maintain its dominance in world Affairs. Implemented their policy of containment was to provide her political, economic, military and informational pressure.

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The war in Syria: mission impossible?
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

For many, media coverage of the conflict is fraught with terrible difficulties, physical dangers, information to the government and approach to the display of conflict that leaves a wide field for maneuver of the Islamic state.

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Yes – drugs, no – melidoniou: the sick American Champions?

World anti-doping Agency has accused Russian hackers in the data breach of the athletes taking banned substances. The organization noted that the hacking of classified information jeopardizes the restoration of confidence in Russia. Meanwhile, the restoration of power may require the Agency itself. RIA Novosti found out why American athletes are allowed to use doping.

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As the US listening to Europe and Russia: the details of top-secret NSA database

Secret spy base the NSA specializiruetsya on the interception of telephone conversations and other communications Europe, Russia and the Middle East, and also participated in the "lethal missions" from the territory in the UK.

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The defense Ministry will drown out GPS with the cell towers

The new jamming system will protect strategic locations from enemy cruise missiles.

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Stand there against Russia's "hybrid color revolution"?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The article Sergei Nebrenchin "On measures to counter "color revolutions" about the new system of training in the "hybrid wars" continues the theme of the Round table held earlier in the CCI. The author — Sergey Nebrenchin M.,doctor of historical Sciences, Professor of the Military University, chief editor of "TPP — inform", a member of the Association "Analitika", the author of several books and monographs, retired Colonel, the participant of operations in Afghanistan and other "hot spots."

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WP told how the US uses submarines to hacker attacks

The American newspaper The Washington Post described how the US is conducting hacking operations against other countries by using their submarines.

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