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The conflict Iran and the U.S.: nature, the driving force and mechanisms

The tension in Iranian-American relations for decades serves as a factor of destabilization of the international situation in the middle East - a region where geopolitical interests of the leading States. The starting point of the Iranian-American confrontation can be considered the Islamic revolution 1979 [9, p. 72], which not only proclaimed the creation of a new state - the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), but also showed the loss of the United States is the main conduit of American security policy in the Persian Gulf.

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The Internet as a tool of geopolitical confrontation in the conflict in Ukraine

Since the Internet plays a huge role in politics, the urgent question is how social and digital media are changing the sphere of political governance. In the 25 years since its birth, the Internet has become an integral part of people's daily lives.

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Big data. What kept Edward Snowden

In any RAID all directly and indirectly involved actors strive to realize their own goals. Is no exception the Saga of Edward Snowden. It is quite obvious that Edward Snowden wanted to open the eyes of the American and world public opinion on the illegal practices of the NSA, total surveillance and wiretapping. At the same time, it should be noted that most of the revelations of Edward Snowden, for all their sensationalism, not opened something new for experts and specialists in the field of intelligence. Almost all, about what I told Edward Snowden was known to him. Although no details, the details, the names of specific programs, the size of the amounts allocated, etc. of Course, these details are transferred assumptions of experts of the rank of hypotheses in the field of concrete facts and documented opinions.

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Covert CIA operation "Maidan-2"

What role did the U.S. intelligence services in the events in Ukraine in late 2013 and played today? This theme is raised in the article of Eugene Tarasyuk, which will be published in No. 9 of the journal "Izborsk club". The editors have provided a full version of the portal "anti-Fascist".

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"The gap between reality and its reflection become fatal"

The Ukrainian conflict was very difficult for the journalists, many international publications have been involved in the information confrontation. To this conclusion came the participants of the discussion held on October 27 at the cultural center ZIL. The chief editors of the media and the representative of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs discussed the difference between journalism and propaganda, watched "".

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Igor Nikolaychuk: "the Strategic information operation may be transient, and may last for years"

Interview with the expert on technologies of information warfare, employee of the Centre for defence studies, London. Our guest is a specialist in the field of information warfare and the creation of a special information-analytical system, allowing for real-time tracking of the number, themes and tone of publications in leading world media.

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Ukrtelekom tried to destroy the telecommunications of Sevastopol

Up to 70% of fixed telephony in Sevastopol could be lost for a long time, if not for the prompt actions of the local authorities, have informed "news" the adviser of the head of Department of information technologies and communications of Sevastopol Sergey Gorbachev. The Ukrainian side tried remotely to bring the equipment down. Its subsequent replacement would have cost Russia several million rubles, and the restoration of intercity communications would have taken months.

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Struggle philosophy

The Russian military and the defence industry are looking for ways to neutralize the superiority of the traditional "probable partners" in control and communication systems. One of the priorities is the development of electronic warfare (EW) designed to deprive the enemy's advantage in the information sphere and even turn against him, distorting the transmitted information.

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Russia and the menace of unreality

Speaking last week at the NATO summit in Wales, the commander of NATO forces in Europe General Philip Breedlove (Philip Breedlove) made a bold statement. Russia, he said, holds "a stunning blitzkrieg of information warfare, which we have not seen in history".

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The information war against Russia: power in truth

Every day the EU invents new ways to punish Russia for its consistent and principled position on the crisis in Ukraine and war between Kiev and Novorossia. Since the beginning of the week, the European Commission has proposed limiting Russian banks and companies access to financing on the European capital market and to suspend Russia's membership in several international sports organizations (UEFA and FIFA). The reason for this was the ostensible Russian support for "separatists" in the South-East of Ukraine and, consequently, their success in the confrontation with the Ukrainian military.

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