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Russia was not ready for informational war, and therefore loses its

Massive information war waged by the USA, caught Russia by surprise. Russia was not ready for such a powerful propaganda coming from the West, and therefore started making excuses after each accusations from ex-partners. This opinion was expressed by experts at a press conference in Moscow, the correspondent of Накануне.RU.

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Russia and the West: against whom there is an information war and how to fight it?

The events in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine have forced the international community to re-think about such concepts as the "cold war" and "confrontation" of East and West.

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Russia in the information war: the methods of confrontation

Multimedia round table on the topic: "Russia in the information war: the methods of confrontation." In connection with the events in Ukraine against Russia unleashed a real information war. The countries of the West, spreading rumors and distorted information, trying to isolate Russia politically and economically. All attempts of our country to resolve the situation in Ukraine is not taken into account. Russian reporters objectively covering events in the East of Ukraine and hinder the work. Still unknown the fate of the photographer MIA "Russia today" Andrew Stenina.

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Semi-finished products of the information war

Civil war in Ukraine gives birth to a monstrous shaft of misinformation on both sides of the conflict. This misinformation is propagated over the network with the speed of a forest fire. In the process actively participate as ordinary citizens, seeking to reinforce their point of view "convincing evidence" and professional soldiers of information warfare.

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Russia is once again under the blows of war information

The summit in Minsk and counteroffensive forces of the people's army of Novorossiya provocation with Russian paratroopers allegedly captured Ukrainian security forces on the battlefield in recent days has become one of the most cited in news media. Even Chancellor Merkel was concerned, and require personal explanations from Vladimir Putin about how ten soldiers appeared on the territory of neighboring States.

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The color of the revolution had prepared the USA for Russia

Pavel Rodkin, an expert in the field of branding and visual communications, PhD, a member of the Zinoviev club MIA "Russia today".

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Failure 400 Ukrainian soldiers to obey the orders of Kiev in the world tried not to notice
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Out of 438 Ukrainian servicemen crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border near the checkpoint "Gukovo" in Rostov region, about 180 people have returned to Ukraine. On buses and armored vehicles they took out the don through another checkpoint "Matveev Kurgan". The remaining military, obviously, has not yet decided how to proceed.

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Nikita Mikhalkov: the struggle of the USA against Russia is conducted by means of network

Director, people's artist of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov, the author of the Manifesto of enlightened conservatism spoke about Ukraine. Conclusion it has like a liberal: don't need to go to the Russian army. But what Mikhalkov applies the arguments? He told about it in interview to "Vesti on Saturday".

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NATO opens special center to conduct information warfare against Russia

NATO intends to actively oppose the Russian supply line information about what is happening in Ukraine. This follows directly from the statements made by the Latvian politicians about the opening of NATO on strategic communication in Riga. NATO spokesman told the newspaper OPINION, what other activities will be engaged in this center.

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Lessons from the information war

Information war around the events in Ukraine has exacerbated the situation, making very real issues to talk about first which was not accepted. Is their something we decided to discuss with the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, analyst of the Institute for information security issues MSU M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University Sergei LATVIA. Our expert – the largest domestic expert in the field of information warfare, author of "the Philosophy of information war", "Election into power as a form of information expansion", "Introduction to the formal theory of information war" and "Management Universe".

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