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Lessons from the information war

Information war around the events in Ukraine has exacerbated the situation, making very real issues to talk about first which was not accepted. Is their something we decided to discuss with the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, analyst of the Institute for information security issues MSU M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University Sergei LATVIA. Our expert – the largest domestic expert in the field of information warfare, author of "the Philosophy of information war", "Election into power as a form of information expansion", "Introduction to the formal theory of information war" and "Management Universe".

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Verbal battle

An unexpected message about the possible creation of so-called information troops have again illuminated the problem of "soft power", which is weakly owned by the Russia. How to look like troops, if they will still be created, what problems and how to solve it in the first place, versed newspaper VIEW.

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"PR with a Western accent": Who helps Kiev to wage an information war?

For information policy of the Kiev authorities in the light of the crisis in Ukraine and punitive operations in the South-East of the country meet Western PR company, said last week the influential sources of the Russian news agencies. RT interviewed experts told, what methods are used by PR people in the information war and who coordinates their work in Ukraine.

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What war is Russia?
Проект: New in the military

Russia at war with Ukraine, but it qualified her actions difficult. Although the situation is on the verge of actual combat, in hot military stage it is not yet outgrown. However, it is impossible to ignore an informational war, which can be regarded as a preparation for the present war, and as an independent form of aggression.

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Virtualization policies: more opportunities or new threats?
Проект: Future of the Information Society

A worldwide trend in recent decades has been the rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT), whose influence can be traced in all spheres of human activity.

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The struggle of ideas and of the spirit of the information war around Russia and Ukraine

Interview with General Director Sergey TSSOP Grinyaev about the situation in the field of information security of Russia, about Ukraine and "the informational component" of events in this country.

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The defense Ministry has formed a high-tech unit and hires cyber-soldiers

Under the leadership of Deputy defense Minister Pavel Popov created three divisions that conduct research in the field of high technology, computerization and communication. Another structure of the Ministry of defence conducts recruitment of information security professionals, able to analyse hacker and decode telecommunication protocols.

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Battle in the Network. Who and how manages the information war

The young wife of my friend flew with a friend in London. "Tomorrow morning the seminar in Cambridge," - twittered she waves to her husband via Skype. Tomorrow morning, the watchful spouse, even though the liberal arts and in computers a teapot, scored in the search engines cameras (web Cams, Cambridge), waited a little bit and here she is, a young wife, and indeed with a friend, goes under the arch of the University of Cambridge.

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The reflection of the fires of the Maidan: the new face of revolutions of the XXI century
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

For three months the world watches the development of the tragedy on the Ukrainian land. Spilled the blood of dozens of citizens of this country. Yesterday, we discussed the events in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and now this creeping Orgy is already knocking in our house.

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Rastorguev SP, Litvinenko MV "Information operations in the Internet"

In this paper we proposed and justified approach to building systems to identify information threats. Given the basic definitions and a study of special operations, information operations inherent in the Internet.

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