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Energy controlled Chaos - Ukrainian master class
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

A relative lull in Kiev continues the second day. Relative, because individual confrontations and even shots still happen, but the ceasefire looks more fragile. However, the government does not prevent the rebels to capture new buildings around the Maidan, but blocked access to the Maidan vehicles with new batches of tires and firewood, as well as trying to block the supply of weapons. Now a lot of misunderstanding of what is happening and its internal logic from all sides.

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Snowden needs Russia to create cyberarmies

In the live program "Point of view" video channel "of Truth.Ru" has been a famous writer, historian of Russian security services, major-General in the resignation of Valery Malevanny. In an interview Valery comes to topics such as the Snowden case, the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the participation of foreign NGOs, prevention of terrorist attacks and program intelligence on UFOs.

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The Washington regional Committee operates. The U.S. is not interfering in the internal Affairs of Ukraine, and simply manage Ukraine
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Washington is not interfering in Ukraine - this has been repeatedly stated at various venues American officials. But now became clear - the White house does not intervene, but simply controls the events in Kiev. If the degree of involvement of the American administration in the Ukrainian events could only guess, now carefully hidden became clear.

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Cyber defence is a multilateral political challenge

The recent revelation of former NSA employee Edward Snowden led to the fact that cyber security was at the center of public attention. As this topic is addressed in the policy? One look at the recent posts international journals enough to realize that beneath the headlines about cyber security discusses a variety of aspects, such as liberterian as a means of combating cyber attacks, Internet governance or the benefits of digital diplomacy as a preventive tool for greater cyber security.

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U.S. intelligence agencies has infected computers in radio

The national security Agency of the United States uses special radio equipment for infection of computers and interception of information, writes The New York Times, citing NSA documents and the opinions of computer experts. This technology, primenyalsya at least since 2008, allows the Agency to conduct surveillance even on machines not connected to the Internet. To date, the NSA has already infected at least hundred thousand computers worldwide.

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The secret in Belarus, the secret service added work

The secret intelligence Agency of Belarus expanded the competence in the protection of state secrets. This conclusion follows from published on the National legal Internet portal of the law "On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On information, Informatization and information protection".

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Yaroshenko V. N. 'Black air'

The book contains extensive factual material about the emergence, deployment, and conduct sabotage and subversive propaganda of imperialism.

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Syria: lull before the storm?
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The intensity of conducting of information campaigns around hot spots can largely be judged on the approach of important events that might affect the situation not only in the region but also worldwide. No exception and the situation in the zone of the Syrian conflict and the middle East.

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The generals who play the game

At the University of tel Aviv were non military exercises, involving real military and politicians from several continents. Cyber attack on targets in the United States and in Israel have claimed thousands of lives and involved Russia in a Third world war on the side of Syria. While the Israeli side has shown itself not the best way, but does not disappoint the Americans.

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Insurance policy, as protection against cyber attacks

When buying an insurance policy, the company figured out how to protect yourself from liability and risks associated with fire. Now they began to think how similarly, you can protect yourself from cyber attacks.

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