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Grigor'yants A. G. "Psychological warfare and modern culture"

The book critically analyzes the idea and concept of LeCoultre and anti-culture, ideas antihumanism, nationalism and racism in bourgeois culture, exposed the use of by the imperialist circles of anti-communism and anti-Sovietism as the main idaio-solsticescape weapons in a "psychological war".

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Zázvorka has been preserved G. "Psychological warfare NATO (the Organization, the ways and methods of conducting psychological warfare)"

The book is a monograph which are exposed purpose, the reactionary character and the essence of the so-called psychological warfare of countries participating in NATO against world camp of socialism and the third world war.

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Psychological basis of the information war

The article deals with the psychological aspects of information warfare. It is shown that the Russian Armed Forces become subject to the information attack by the probable enemy. In this regard, the willingness of commanders, staffs, bodies of educational work professionally to organize resistance and protection from the forces of psychological operations (PSYOPS) of the enemy and information-psychological influence on the personal composition of its parts and connections is a necessary condition for the successful resolution units for the set of combat tasks in modern combat.

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Arab turmoil: the role of propaganda and modern information technologies

Propaganda, psychological warfare has always played an important role in internal and external conflicts. However with the emergence of "information society" the value of this means of control has increased substantially. Newspapers, radio, television, the Internet has spawned a hourly rolling over the population flows of information. Reports are immediately analyzed, prepariruetsya, commented upon and disseminated in real time.

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The super viruses - merciless weapons intelligence in cyber warfare

They can enter a network that is not connected to the Internet, hit highly secure computing systems and mobile phones of people passing by the infected computers. Even antivirus software may not protect from super viruses, developed with the participation of intelligence agencies of different governments. CHIP will tell you what technologies are behind Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame.

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War not war
Проект: New in the military

The Americans is more profitable to pay millions of dollars to the captain of the enemy than to fight against him. Little? Will give 100 million! Still it would be cheaper than to sacrifice the lives of their soldiers and expensive military equipment.

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"On the edge" of protest: confronting origins of psychology contact

One of the leaders of the St. Petersburg police Department began the twentieth century, A. V. Gerasimov, called his memoirs "On the blade with the terrorists". Understanding these catchy title confrontation not only with the need to physically destroy the top leadership of the country by militants, but with the "revolution" at all. Incarnation it served as the "revolutionary party" (including cadets) ideas which, in his opinion, was actively supported by the population of Russia.

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About the security of critical infrastructure in the state of Israel

The study of techniques and methods to ensure the security of critical infrastructure on the example of approaches used in Israel today can serve as a model or "classic of genre". The years of conflict in the middle East has made the Israeli security approaches one of the most effective. It is well known that developed in Israel, the security system of airports (one of the affected sites critical infrastructure) today, the most effective of other world analogues.

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The era of information and psychological operations: Libya

The NATO operation against Libya, including - and a classic example of information-psychological operations of the new type. Try to understand, what methods were used to destabilize the Gaddafi regime.

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Information suppression of Colonel Gaddafi and his army

An essential part of any modern military campaigns involving the armed forces of leading countries of the world have become information and psychological operations. Along with intelligence they are one of the main types of combat operations of the troops and eventually make an important contribution to the achievement of the ultimate military goals.

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