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Goodbye, PSYOP! In the Wake of the success of the Arab spring, the Pentagon announced a complete overhaul of the areas of psychological operations

Social protests have multiplied across the world: a different kind of movement with a meaning "conquer!" replicated dozens – from the poorest to the richest and most developed countries.

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Dan Pertseff "the Hyperboloid of death. Psychotronic weapons in action"

Book by American journalist Dan Percepta once again helps to understand the current balance of power in the global arena, where governments of the superpowers using all means to achieve even greater power – power over the mind.

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About US strategy for cyberspace

To date, cyber is not just the "world fence", on which a variety of "bullies" leave your message "to eternity". On the performance and predictability of cyberspace and, in particular, the Internet tied to the economy, the achievement of military superiority, political stability. In the US, the cyberspace official document generally fixed as of the fifth (after earth, water, air and space) a space in which the States have their own interests to be security at any cost.

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Information weapons of the superpowers: cyber warfare and "controlled crises"

As a result of development of information and telecommunication technologies has changed not only the means of armed struggle, but also the strategy and tactics of modern wars, there was the concept of taking into account the informational vulnerability of the parties. In a respectable scientific publications in recent times against the information weapon even uses the term "weapons of mass destruction". The role of a leader in the use of this "weapon" belongs unquestionably and unreservedly the US, which formulated the basic strategies of information warfare in 1992.

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Opportunities in China for conducting computer network operations and cyber espionage -

The Commission on U.S.-China relations in the field of Economics and security March 7, 2012 presented to the U.S. Congress a report entitled "Occupying the information high: opportunities in China for conducting computer network operations and cyber espionage -". The document details the activities of China in enhancing its capacity to conduct computer network attacks, organizations protect digital systems from external intrusion, and exploitation of network resources of foreign States in the interests of the country.

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The CIA and the media

After his departure from The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein (Carl Bernstein) for six months studied the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold war. His article, published in Rolling Stone magazine October 20, 1977, resulted in a shortened translation below.

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Iran has already attacked. While in cyberspace

The world only wonders when will the bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities. Meanwhile, the war against the country in full swing. As expected, shocks originating from abroad. Only the fighting while there have been no explosions of rockets and howling shells - in cyberspace. The goal is to slow down an Iranian nuclear bomb. But this is not a bloodless war. First dead it already has.

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The war in conceptual space

The problem of organizing and conducting information warfare (in the Western terminology "information warfare") has recently attracted increasing attention from both specialists and the General public. The reason is that many provisions of modern military science, which were previously exclusively theoretical groundwork, these days began to take practical implementation.

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Conceptual views on the activities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the information space

High rates of development of information systems for various applications, computer networks such as the Internet and electronic media has led to the turn of the Millennium to the formation of global information space. Along with land, sea, air and outer space, information space in the armies of most developed countries has been actively used for a wide range of military tasks.

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Features of the information war against Iran

In the context of exploring new forms, methods and techniques of information warfare is of interest, the developments related to the settlement of the situation around Iran's nuclear program. The analysis of the developments shows that the scenario information and psychological operations to discredit the political power of some of the objectionable countries, used the USA and their allies during previous armed conflicts and the "Arab spring" have similar features and are carried out using classical schemes.

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