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What is the key to Iranian success in strategic confrontation with the West?

Following a successful ICT operation by the intelligence services of Israel and the U.S. against important industrial facilities in Iran, implemented by activating the Stuxnet virus, introduced in advance in the information-control system from Siemens, followed by even more successful operation by Iranian experts in the field of information warfare – USA lost one of its spy new UAV Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel.

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Syria: the information war aspects

In the information space, a new war erupted. First, there is evidence that, in Syria deployed 15 thousand Iranian troops, followed by the information that the opposition is already fighting the British and Qatari special forces. In the first case "tried" by the Turks, then the second piece of news can be safely attributed to "retaliation" on the part of Damascus.

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Network technology in the information operations NATO and foreign NGOs in the color revolutions and military conflicts

The center for analysis of terrorist threats jointly with the Academy of FSS of Russia and the Center for the study of special methods of warfare "RESOURCESETTINGS" published "Network information technologies in NATO operations and foreign NGOs in the color revolutions and military conflicts". The monograph is devoted to the study of information warfare and information warfare, information security in conditions of increasing world globalization processes and information society development.

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I. B. Moshansky `Information war. The bodies of spectrophone red army`

The presented book is dedicated to a special subject the history of the Second world war - the establishment, structure and functioning of the special organs of propaganda of the red army from 1939 to 1945. It is widely represented forms of work with the military personnel of armies of the opponent and special technical "lethal weapons" propaganda.

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Information war in Syria: a view from Damascus
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Recently in one of my interviews, I specifically said that in the next 2-3 months will not believe anything that is fed as "news out of Syria". In particular, various "evidence" of "atrocities" and other variety plums discrediting the government of compromising. Living in Syria, visiting various regions of the country, especially felt keenly the shameless all those who are trying to destabilize the situation in Syria by creating a smoke screen fabricated from the same virtual reality.

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Yakovlev N. N. `The CIA is an instrument of psychological warfare`

The book tells about the origin and history of the CIA — Central intelligence Agency USA. Striking examples reveals Subversion of American intelligence that conducts psychological warfare against the USSR, other socialist countries and all progressive forces of the world. We are talking about the methods of subversive activities of the CIA, about trying to control people's behavior, physical liquidation of class enemies.

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The "whales" of American defense involved, information wars

The success of Iranian air defense forces managed not only to neutralize, but to successfully seize control of an American drone spy RQ-170 Sentinel and take him down with minimal damage clearly showed how serious may be the failure in the case of underestimating the resistance information of the control lines of the modern intellectual combat platforms.

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NATO is preparing to conduct information warfare

Today, despite the deepening economic crisis and shrinking defense budgets of some countries-members of NATO, at the highest level management of the organization decided to gain attention to the problem of information security and ability to conduct information warfare. This decision caused increased, according to NATO experts, the activity of potential enemies block and the desire of NATO to match the level of increased threats to cyber security. But do not think that only fears for the loss of secrets contributed such a significant growth of attention to the problem of information security.

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The revolution using Twitter and Facebook

A series of successful changes of regime in the Arab East many have called the revolutions of a new type, in which the key role played by social networks like Twitter or Facebook. However, the experience of events in Tunisia and Egypt shows that social networks are not so much a cause of revolutions, how many new, but not the only weapon of the revolutionaries.

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Trubnikov V. P. `Collapse 'operation Complete' 1980-1981, a Documentary essay`

Book international journalist V. P. Trubnikov is dedicated to one of the most dramatic periods in the life of the Polish people's Republic — the events of 1980-1981, during which the counterrevolutionary factions in Alliance with international imperialism attempted to overthrow people's power. The book unravels the complex vicissitudes of the struggle of the Polish Communists, other socialist forces against the counter-revolution. The book is based on a rich factual material.

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