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The Jacob Reichel X. `the Russians will come for sure`

In the book progressive West German journalist describes how Western intelligence agencies and media are actively using and fabricating fake about the "Soviet threat". The time frame of the book cover the period from the 20th to the present. Shows the concealment and the use of Nazi war criminals and traitors to fight against the Soviet Union. Expose the slanderous propaganda campaign, organized by the imperialist circles against the socialist countries.

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Comprehensive information attack type "cyber strike" on an industrial automated system: anatomy of phenomena and approaches for protection

The material in this report the analysis of the technology of preparation of the economic crisis different scale by organizing and hosting automated systems that control the production of goods or services, an integrated distributed active information attacks, called cyber strike. The directions of countermeasures against this type of intrusion with the goal of eliminating threats to economic security of the enterprise, the industry or the country as a whole.

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Maintaining of information war the US and its allies during operations in Afghanistan

According to several American military experts, a new look at the threats of the twenty-first century is that in the future the main threat will come from the regular armies of different countries, and from various terrorist, criminal and other organizations, including non-state parties which United in certain network structures. Such organizations do not have a clear hierarchical structure of authority, often do not have a unified leadership, coordinate their activities with the use of global communications.

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Information warfare has become the most effective weapon

As shown by recent events occurring in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and other countries, the information component of military action is becoming more important. And those countries that understand this, get an obvious advantage in the conduct of hostilities. No wonder a few days ago, NATO planes have turned into a pile of rubble a few broadcasting stations in Tripoli. Colonel Gaddafi have used information weapons just as well as well schooled NATO experts, skillfully preventing the lie with the truth and there adds a bit of fiction.

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Possible directions of improving the offensive information weapons

Revision of the basic directions of development of information security systems provoked a reaction on the part of developers means offensive information weapons or means of special software and mathematical impact.

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On possible international agreements in the field of non-proliferation of means of information warfare

A globalizing world poses many new questions facing humanity. Revolutionary changes are visible in many sectors of the world economy and, above all, is the area of Informatization of society. Wave "digital revolution" has created a brand new economic sector that simply did not exist before. This provokes an increase in the intensity of conflict for the purpose of seizure and retention of superiority in this sector of the new global economy. Capital plays a dominant role in the digital revolution is intellectual capital in the field of information technology.

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Information weapons and international security in the XXI century

The modern stage of society development is characterized by an increasing role of information technology in all spheres of life and human activity. Information - new resource, the only product not decreasing, but growing with time. The more faster and quality information is embedded, the higher the standard of living of the people, economic, cultural and defense potential of the country. Transformation world space: along with the geographic space is formed, in particular space information.

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Myalo K. G. `Under the banner of revolt: essays on the history and psychology of youth protest 1950-1970-ies`

The book, written in the genre of nonfiction essays, devoted to one of the most pressing and relevant topics of our time — various forms of youth protest in the West: from the May movement of 1968 to the current anti-war speeches. The author tells us about the most striking manifestations of youth counterculture of the 60's (the hippie movement, pop festivals, avant-garde theatre, about the leftist terrorism of the 70s, and a modern "punk"), as well as the search for the youth in the struggle for peace and progress.

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The struggle with the navigation systems

At the present time has been widely developed system of global navigation, positioning and communications based on satellite systems such as GPS/NAVSTAR and the Russian GLONASS system. The use of the consumer navigation equipment (CNE) in the control loop of any weapon system can significantly increase the efficiency of its combat use. For example, the use of CNE in the composition of the onboard complex of cruise missiles can significantly increase the autonomy of the system in flight and precision targeting.

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U.S. space policy as an integral part of strategic initiatives to achieve superiority in the information war

The past year has clearly demonstrated to the world the strengthening of confrontation and aggressive pressure from the side of the Alliance in creating a new world order based on the idea of American global leadership based on the military power of NATO. This is evidenced by many things: the expansion of NATO, the adoption of unilateral decisions during the Balkan crisis, the military strikes on Yugoslavia and Iraq, the revitalization of the actual output from the ABM Treaty of 1972 under the guise of its modifications, as well as ignoring Russia's interests in the near abroad.

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