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The information weapon as a weapon of mass destruction

The passing twentieth century leaves to humanity a huge mountain weapon, capable of more than one time to destroy life on Earth. People increasingly undertake joint efforts to reduce stockpiles of weapons or at least to reduce the risk of their use, to give the newly developed weapons more “humane” appearance by increasing selectivity of targets being hit, reducing negative impact on unplanned objects and the environment.

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Information and technological superiority – the basis for achieving "inclusive rule" of the United States in the twenty-first century

American military experts say that the basis for achieving the all-encompassing domination in the coming decades is to become an information and technology excellence. The development of the "revolution in military Affairs" led to the fact that in the mid 90-ies of the last century an attempt was made to integrate advances in cutting-edge fields of science and technology in military science, and determine the basic direction of transformation of the armed forces of the United States in the next century.

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N. Volkovskaya L. "the History of information warfare". Part 1 and 2

In this publication, based on extensive factual material for the first time an attempt is made integral lighting of instruments of information warfare in major wars and crises of mankind from the earliest ages to the present day. Mechanisms of influence on public opinion, role of mass media in armed conflict, journalists and representatives of press services in `hot spots`, control of information processes in a crisis situation, issues of transparency and state secrets - the main issues of this work.

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S. N. Bukharin, V. V. Tsyganov "Methods and technologies of information wars"

Outlines methods and techniques of information warfare, based on their theory and methodology, and practical application. Based on the study the objectives of information warfare designed the procedure of situational analysis and algorithms of definition of strategies of information warfare (including provocation). Developed procedures for planning information operations, decision-making algorithms in information warfare and approaches to the management of information confrontation.

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Zasursky Y. N. "The technique of misinformation and deception"

In the monograph on the big actual material discusses the techniques and methods of manipulating public opinion with the help of the bourgeois media and propaganda. The book critically assimilated bourgeois theorists developed the concept of stereotypes in public opinion, the technique of disinformation and falsification through illustrations, TV spots, using the sensation, innuendo and half-truths, and manipulating statistical information. The authors analyze methods of argumentation, the semantics of bourgeois propaganda, the sophistication of the deception of the masses through fascist technique of the "big lie" and modern means of ideological sabotage.

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The signs of new time: the revolution through social networks

In recent months the world's media is filled with reports of unrest breaking out here and there. The world witnessed a wave of revolutions, popular uprisings and mass disturbances. Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Moldova, Belarus, UK, China, Qatar – not just different countries and different parts of the world were at the mercy of instability. It would seem, not so similar event: the revolution and the overthrow of the regime somewhere in the East and the youth riots in the fashionable areas of London, but perhaps there is something that unites them...

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Network war of the West against Belarus: how it's done

According to American authors, the term "network war" refers to the conflict connected with information and means of action undermining, destruction, or modification that are the targets of the population knows (or thinks he knows) about ourselves and the world. Such actions may be maintained against the policies of specific governments and regimes, non-state actors, opposition groups or movements, including, for example, the fight for the environment, human rights, etc.

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In February media information war against Libya

After a pause taken by the Libyan media in the period 17-20 February, due to the fact that the country's leadership analyzed the data and determined course of action. The first who responded to the West on the flow of reproaches and accusations of "massacres of the civilian population", was the son of the leader of the revolution, Saif al Islam. His appearance on TV in the night from 19th to 20th February was a big surprise, if only because many consider him the successor of his father and a supporter of reforms in the country.

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Parshin S. A., Gorbachev Y. E., Kozhanov A. "cyber Warfare is a real threat to national security?"

In this paper we consider the complex issues associated with the emergence of a new sphere of confrontation between States --- warfare in cyberspace. Presents an analysis of the development of the conceptual bases of the development of the doctrine of waging cyber warfare, major organizational events in the U.S. military with the aim of ensuring national cyberspace protection and the formation of a complex of forces and means for carrying out offensive cyber operations, defensive and intelligence of nature. Describes the conceptual basis of information and cyber operations of China.

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The velvet revolution in North Africa: how it's done in Egypt

Today we present one of the materials which had circulated in the crowd on the streets of Cairo. Brochure of 26 pages titled "How to achieve the goal" is a manual on how... to do the revolution in Egypt. Yes, Yes, this is the real manual! Designed not for politicians, but for the masses. Very concise, very clear, with illustrations. Getting acquainted with these materials, a question arises - is it really so "popular" this revolution?

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