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I. V. Maksimov, "Color revolution: social process or network technology?"
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

The center for conservative studies published a monograph of the post-graduate student of the Department of sociology of international relations, sociological faculty of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov I. V. Maksimova "Color revolution: social process or network technology?" The Central focus of the book is relevant today to the phenomenon of "color revolutions". Provides information about international-political technologies of such revolutions, and their social and geopolitical consequences. See also a review of sociological theories of revolution. It is shown that "color" revolution is not classified as social processes.

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Counterterrorism: an integrated approach (INTERPOLITEX-2008). Information weapons in terrorist actions and local conflicts. A collection of articles

The Russian authorities never understood the importance of information warfare, so do not just constantly lose, and just inferior to the battlefield all in a row. Suffice it to recall the latest example is the situation with the ship Arctic Sie. Russia has literally put the information beating, spreading version of mysterious cargo one more ridiculous than another, and the authorities did everything to the rumors multiplied. Meanwhile, Russia has enough specialists in the field of information struggle.

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Vinokurov, G. Gurtovoy "Psychotronic war"

In this first published in Russian book on psychotronic war is discussed, involving extensive actual and historical material, the military potential of psychic or psi phenomena.

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Tsygankov, V. D. "Psychotronics and the security of Russia"

The book is dedicated to relevant, insufficiently studied problem that has important scientific, practical and public value - the problem of creation and application of psychotronic weapons (PSO) and protection. The author attempted a systematic analysis of a large number of open published materials related to natural science and biomedical issues to the PSO and protection from it. The author indicates that psychotronic war is, primarily, a war of information. And she already covertly or openly conducted.

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About cyber security

Held in November this year in Lisbon summit NATO adopted a new Strategic concept of the Alliance, in the 12th paragraph of which read: "cyber Attacks can reach the line, which is endangering the national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity, security and stability. Such attacks can stand foreign armed forces and intelligence services, organized crime, terrorist and extremist groups".

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Prokofiev V. F. "a Secret weapon of the information war: attack on subconsciousness"

The end of XX - beginning of XXI centuries are characterized by the emergence of information warfare - a new type of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of weapons and manpower, and due to the different influences on the living force, leading her in an incapacitated state. This phenomenon has several explanations.

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Foundations of information technology intellectual counter

The massive spread of computer viruses and other destructive programs has led to the fact that the question of establishing advanced countermeasures and protection acquires a new quality. It is not just a question about the safety of someone else's data, and the question of victory or defeat in the information war. According to some foreign experts, the state, the losers in the information war, will be thrown back in its development for many decades. Therefore, the question of victory or defeat in the information war is a matter of life or death of the state subjected to aggression information.

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Features of organization and information warfare during the Chechen campaign

In the period of holding the counterterrorist operation in the Chechen Republic of the Russian troops first encountered the well-organized system of information warfare. The leaders of the IAF, trained, had a clear idea of the possibilities of information warfare, which they successfully used against Russian troops.

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On the revision of certain approaches to the conduct of psychological operations by the U.S. armed forces

Currently, the U.S. has intensified the number of activities aimed at implementing the national information strategy. The aim of conducted works is to ensure information superiority by imposing information, inducing higher military-political leadership of the opposition countries to take favorable to the U.S. decision. This is caused, primarily, by the need of information support of ongoing military operations and growing anti-American sentiment in the society that gave rise to serious problems between the U.S. and its allies.

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The risks and threats to information security of Russia

The new Millennium came amid rapid development of information technology. This is due to the intensification of the development of telecommunications-gravitational means, computer networks, communications, and other processes. The information component plays an increasingly important role in all spheres of life of human civilization. Use of information as a resource in turn leads to sharp growth of requirements to formation of information policy of the state and its component of information security.

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