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American spies revealed over lunch
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

The New York Times reported the disclosure by Chinese authorities of a secret network working for the CIA. All the agents were either killed or sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. According to American officials, "the Chinese destroyed the network, the creation of which took many years". Some intelligence officers of the CIA met with informants in the restaurant, where Chinese agents bugged.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 15 to 21 may 2017

The share of modern weapons in the Russian VKS by the end of 2017 should reach 68%; the prototype of a modernized strategic bomber Tu-160M2 will appear in 2019; in St. Petersburg launched the construction for the Russian Navy vessel of new generation "Ivan Khurs"; a separate airborne assault brigade of the airborne forces in Buryatia will have to adopt modernized BMD-2-KU; the Amur Association TSB has received more than 1000 sets of "Warrior"; separate brigade of Marines black sea fleet fully upgraded to the new BTR-82A; in the Crimea until the end of 2019 will generate airborne assault regiment; the Baltic fleet to the end of the year will receive the rocket ship and the su-30CM; Dauria Aerospace will soon start flight tests of satellites for "Growing space"; "Helicopters of Russia" has put the Peruvian air force components for Mi-8 and Mi-35; the Russian company to make delivery of the frigates "Gepard-3.9" for Vietnam contract. About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 15 to 21. 05. 2017.

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How Russia and China will fight against America: the main thing — to destroy satellites
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Russia and China are actively developing new types of weapons and military equipment to counter American dominance in space, says expert assessment of the us intelligence community. I must say that in this framework the two countries are considering the creation of weapons capable of attacking U.S. satellites and other orbiting objects, space-based.

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On the verge of an energy revolution: China was able to produce "combustible ice"
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Oil companies from China were the first who managed to extract from the ocean floor "combustible ice" the natural gas hydrate. This was announced by China Central television, citing the Ministry of land and resources of China.

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Thanks to the silk road will change the economic balance of power
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Work began on the revival of the historic silk road. The first international presentation of this landmark project was held in China with the participation of 28 countries, including Turkey.

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As Chinese businessmen are cashing in on the Russians
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

About how the people of China have learned to travel without investing a single penny into the economy of the country they visit.

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Putin: stagnation in global development need to be overcome through the rejection of bellicose rhetoric
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The Russian President, speaking at a forum in Beijing, stressed that social exclusion and the gap in levels of development give rise to a nutrient medium for international terrorism and illegal migration.

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Summit on the new "silk road" started with a scandal
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The opening of the summit in Beijing marred by scandal. Between the EU and China had any differences of opinion in matters of social and environmental standards.

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China urgently buying gold and preparing for an economic war against USA
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Reigned at the post of the us President Donald trump one of the priorities of his reign, called the return of industrial production in the United States. For the States themselves — is, of course, a good chance for the revival of the economy. But China, where the main production capacities of the planet, this turn is not happy. Moreover, the Chinese are diligently taking steps to counter the initiative of the trump.

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There will be no war

The US will not strike on North Korea. The problem is solved in a different way. The conflict over North Korea's unique, and, not realizing its specificity, it is impossible to talk about it.

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