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Trifkovič Dragana

Dragana Trifkovic is the founder and general director of the Center for Geostrategic Research in Belgrade, represents the Center for Eurasian Security in the status of founder and chairman, and is also the initiator of the Eurasian Journalists Forum. Ms. Trifkovic is a member of the Democratic Party of Serbia, a member of the political council, central committee, vice president of the committee for cooperation with Russia, an authorized representative of a political organization in Russia. Author of articles in the field of geopolitics, cultural policy and other areas of social and political practice in Serbian, Russian, German and French. An expert and founder of many political portals and media in Europe, a participant in many geopolitical projects in Eurasia, including in Donetsk, Crimea, etc. The organizer of the CSTO conference in the Serbian Parliament in April 2015. Dragana Trifkovich is also a lecturer in geopolitics at the Academy under the President of the Russian Federation, at the Academy of National Security. Participant and organizer of many international conferences in Serbia and Russia.