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Tarasov Uriy Ibanovich

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Tarasov Yuri Ivanovich - Doctor of Economics, academician of the International Academy of Education, professor, laureate of the “Health Sphere” prize. He graduated from the Vladimir Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of International Business at the All-Union Academy of Foreign Trade, and completed a business internship at the University of Arkansas in the USA. Labor and creative activity of Tarasov Yu.I. awarded state and public awards, honorary titles of several Russian and foreign academies. In the field of interests: international economics, research on the structure, forms and properties of surface and structured water, quasicrystals. The author of the theory of socio-noospheric transitions. Vice-Rector of the International Academy of Noosphere Education, Deputy Supreme Ataman of the International Cossack Economic Union, Vice-President: The Dostoyanie Nationi Foundation, the Kremlin Warriors Association, the We-to-Children International Environmental Fund, the Siberian Industry Development Foundation, the Aerospace Association, marine, environmental and emergency medicine.

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