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Valetskiy Oleg

He participated in hostilities during the war in Yugoslavia of the nineties as a Russian volunteer in the Army of the Republika Srpska (from March 1, 1993 to January 19, 1995) in the areas of Sarajevo and Visegrad and in the Army of Yugoslavia (from April 6 to June 17, 1999 .) in the Drenica area in Kosovo. He was wounded four times.

Works as special correspondents at the Federal Agency for Political News

He is a military expert at the Center for Strategic Conjuncture and at the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts.

Member of the Moscow organization of the Union of writers of the Russian Federation

Articles, essays, e-books:

Russians in Serbia ”(“ Soldier of Fortune ”, No. 5-6.1996),“ Deminers - Notes by a sapper from Bosnia and Herzegovina (experience in the American company Ronco in 1996-97) ”(“ Soldier of Fortune ”, No. 1-2, 1998), “The battle from the headquarters and the front line is ambiguous” (“Soldier of Fortune”, No. 2-4, 2002), “Pirates of the Sea of ​​Caribbean” (“men's work” No. 30 for 2009), “The origin of the Slavs in the light of the works of historians of the Serbian“ autochthonous ”school, No. 11 for 2012, Proceedings of the Academy of DNA Genealogy, Boston-Moscow-Tsukuba, Volume 5, No. 11, November 2012), “Mine clearance at the end of the 20th century. Private mine-clearing companies ”(“ Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts ”. Moscow, 2013),“ Partisan War in Kosovo and Metohija in 1999 ”(“ Center for Strategic Conjuncture. ”Pushkino, 2013),“ US and NATO Guided Weapons ” ". (“Center for Strategic Conjuncture.” Pushkino. 2013), “The Propagation of Missile Technologies in the Third World” (co-authored by Yu. Yu. Lyamin) (“Center for Strategic Conjuncture.” Pushkino, 2013), “Breakdown of the Colonial System and Apartheid in the South” Africa ”(“ Center for Strategic Conjuncture. ”Pushkino, 2014)“ The use of improvised explosive devices and methods of dealing with them from the experience of the US Army ”(“ Center for Strategic Conjuncture. ”Pushkino, 2014),“ The Fall of the Republic of Srpska Krajina ”(“ Center for Strategic Conjuncture ” conjuncture ". Pushkino, 2014)," Features of partisan and counter artisan actions during the Iraq war 2003-2011 "(together with V.M. Neelov) (" Center for Strategic Conjuncture ". Pushkino, 2015)," Surface ships of the Chinese Navy - carriers of guided missile weapons "(together with Oleg Ponomarenko) (" Center for Strategic Conjuncture ". Pushkino, 2015)," Features of Combat Operations in Afghanistan "(together with V. M. Neelov) (" Center for Strategic Conjuncture ". Pushkino. 2015)," Lessons from Iraq-Tactics, Strategy and Technique in the Iraq Wars USA "(together with V. M. Neyelov, A. V. Girin, A. V. Markin) (" ("Center for Strategic Con nktury ". Pushkino, 2015), “Surface ships of the Chinese Navy - carriers of guided missile weapons” (together with Oleg Ponomarenko) (“Center for Strategic Conjuncture.” Pushkino, 2016), “Man-portable air defense systems” (together with Oleg Ponomarenko) (“Center for Strategic market conditions ". Pushkino, 2016). “Who and how wants to quarrel Russia and Syria” (Federal Agency for Political News, 2016)


“Yugoslav War” (Kraft + Publishing House, Moscow 2006, second edition - 2008), “White Wolves (Serbian diary of a Russian volunteer 1993-1999)” (Griffin Publishing House - Moscow, 2006), “ The new US and NATO strategy and its impact on the development of foreign weapons and ammunition systems ”(Arktika Publishing House, Moscow 2008), Mine Weapons. Mining and Mine Clearance Issues (Kraft + Publishing House, 2009), Yugoslav War 1991 -1995 ”(“ Kraft + ”Publishing House, Moscow 2011),“ The Evolution of Private Military Companies ”(co-authored with I.P. Konovalov) (" Centralized strategic conjuncture ". Pushkino, 2013)," Cerbskaya Fleece "(in Serbian" Srpska Fleece ".Oleg Walecki, Branislav Soviљ." Peshiћ and synovitis. "Beograd, 2014). “Weapons of modern wars (Ammunition, guided weapons systems and measures to counter their use” (Center for Strategic Conjuncture. Pushkino, 2015), “Serbian Runes and Slavic Siberia” (together with Branislava Sovil and Ivan Tashkinov) (“White Alves”, Moscow. .2016) "Balkan mines. Notes of the deminer from Bosnia and Herzegovina" (Joint publication of the Center for Strategic Market Conditions and the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts. Moscow, 2016).